Embroidery Videos:

How We Embroider Our Products

Modern custom embroidery is sewn using commercial embroidery machines controlled by computers. Every embroidery project starts by programming computer instructions that tell the machine how to sew your logo. This is called "digitizing." The process of digitizing your logo is a critical part of good embroidery design. Once the digitizing has been tested by doing a sample sewout, your garments are ready to sew.

Embroidered shirts are sewn in "Flat" mode as shown here:

Shirts (sweatshirts, dress shirts, polo shirts, work shirts, uniforms, etc.) are restrained in a hooping device, which is shown in green in the video. The machine moves the shirt in a horizontal plane. Each needle is loaded with a different color of embroidery thread. For each color in your custom logo, the machine switches needles and sews in your custom colors.

Embroidered caps are sewn in "Tubular" mode

Embroidered baseball caps are sewn similarly, except the machine is switched to Tubular Mode and different restraining devices are used to mount the caps for sewing. When embroidering caps, the machine rotates the cap as well as moving left and right.