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Oct 11

If you are investigating all of your promotional marketing possibilities, you are no doubt considering embroidered hats as one of your top options. That's because baseball caps are the most popular wearable in the promotional market today, with a record of unprecedented success that dates back to the early 1900's. It's kind of hard to beat that.

Ball Caps Rule the World

Baseball players didn't start off wearing the ubiquitous caps we all know and love today. They grabbed whatever hat they'd normally wear to protect themselves from the sun. It was a practicality. In 1934, New Era (based in New York) created its first baseball cap for the Cleveland Indians. Twenty years later they created the cap known as the 59fifty, the cap we know today. It wasn't long until the hats became a symbol as American as apple pie.

While created in New York, we San Diegans like to think we've kind of perfected them when we adopted them as a fashion accessory. Fast forward a century and the embroidered ball cap has moved from the diamond to become the de facto staple of daily headwear and a powerhouse promotional item.

custom embroidery hats on adults

The Effects of Embroidered Hats in Promotions

In a study measuring the success of price versus non-price promotions in promoting baseball game attendance published in The Sports Journal, researchers found that promotional items like embroidered hats significantly increased attendance by over 14% over ticket price deductions, even when tickets were reduced to just $1!

Built-in Popularity Means Success

Favored for its flexibility and affordability, custom embroidered hats cross just about every fashion price point and style, comfortably fitting in with high-end and fashion-forward brands as easily as lower-priced brands. Today, the field staple has been reinvented into a fashion staple that embraces both meaning and message. Here are some compelling facts found by the Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study that highlights the popularity of promotional hats.

  • 16% of US consumers own a promotional hat.
  • Their popularity spans all ages
  • All demographic groups are likely to wear them
  • Hats are popular with all income groups
  • Those earning between $50k and $100k own the most hats

The Perfect Billboard

The 2016 GASI study further determined that in the US, a custom embroidered hat will generate over 3,136 unique impressions over a 7 month period of time. That's more than a t-shirt. It is even more than jackets, or writing instruments. And that's great ROI. In an article by Christopher Ruvo, columnist Paul Lukas equates the embroidered hat with a portable mini-billboard saying "it's functional, inexpensive and can broadcast whatever you want," from brand names to personal identity. In the age of "personal media" and brand ambassadors, the value is not just in seeing an ad. Unlike TV or radio commercials, an embroidered hat has significantly more impact because it impacts those in the personal circles of the wearers, those who are most likely to have similar jobs, interests, lifestyles, and income brackets.

How Can You Use Them To Promote Your Business?

It's not just the weather that is hot in Southern California. So is the business landscape. That's why staying on top of your business promotions is so important and so valuable. Your potential customers have choices and it is up to you to stay at the forefront of their minds. Here are just a few of the endless ways you can use embroidered hats to promote your San Diego business.

  • Direct response promotions to get the customer to take action
  • Use as a "thank you" to existing customers
  • Given away as an additional gift to new customers
  • Promote a new product or service
  • Promote a new name
  • Create brand awareness
  • Given away to target groups to gain visibility
  • Create a collectible series to gain regular customers
  • Use as an upsell incentive
  • And more

If you have questions about growing your business or gaining visibility with promotion products, contact us today. EmbroidMe is not just a local business, we are a local business resource who knows and understand your needs. 

Sep 27

Here in San Diego, we are big on group activities. Large companies break their work into teams assigned to specialized projects, the Gaslamp district hosts the Zombie Walk, and the University of San Diego hosts a multitude of social clubs. That doesn't even touch Non-profit awareness-raising activities and the hubs of cultural and historical activities around the mission and Presidio Hill. 

       Naturally, many of these groups have a core of team leaders. They lead hikes, they arrange field trips, and they represent the group to the rest of the city. They take on a lot of responsibility, frequently for little remuneration, in order all our lives better. These fine people deserve to have their work bettered and a great way to do that is to give them customized embroidered shirts. How does this make their work better?

Team Cohesion

       Your team leaders form a group within a group, and their ability to pull together affects the ability of the larger group to do what they want. As an article in pointed out, making a group seem prestigious is a great way to build team cohesion. Marking your team leaders as doing something worthy with custom embroidered shirts gives them an extra boost of pride in what they are doing, pulling them together and making them more willing to cooperate in order to achieve goals.

Identification In The Crowd

        Possibly the first reason that you would need to give your team leaders a shirt specially made for them is that it identifies them to other people. Who do you ask for directions to the bathroom at Comic Con? The guy with his name embroidered on his shirt. Who should the media direct questions about your non-profit to? The gal with the name embroidered on her shirt. Who should you follow when you fall behind your group while hiking? Embroidered-shirt person. New members will be able to immediately identify who can answer their questions at a meeting, and outsiders will know who to voice their complaints to if the group gets too loud.

group of volunteers in matching shirts

Provides Recognition For A Job Well Done

        Team leaders make the team go, and the responsibility involved can be huge. You want to reward them for their efforts so they keep doing it. Fortunately, a new study cited in Psychology Today found that most people find recognition for their contributions more rewarding than money in providing satisfaction. In fact, Ken Comee of Badgeville CEO said that "Workers of all ages are motivated by...status-based recognition over tangible benefits." When you give your team leaders custom embroidered shirts, you are giving them status-based recognition, and that cannot help but give your leaders the warm fuzzies. People with the warm fuzzies are happy to keep contributing their time and effort to your group.

Gives Other Team Members Something To Strive For

       Differentiating the team leaders from the rest of the membership holds those big contributors out as something to admire and emulate. It's hard to find people willing to take on the extra work sometimes, but you can make that extra work seem reasonable if the people who do it are given a visible symbol of their increased status. Regular members will want to join the special in-group and apply to be leaders when the current leaders have to take time off for whatever reason.

       Once you have decided to help your team leaders out by providing them with custom embroidered shirts, you will want to find a reliable and skilled provider of those shirts. EmbroidMe San Diego can help you there. We have been embroidering for many years now and would love to help you, so contact us for further information.

Designing A T-Shirt To Attract Attention

// posted by Cam Schultz

Sep 13

Whether someone is interested in creating a t-shirt design for business or for personal reasons, knowing how to go about the process is a concern. Designing requires a bit of advance preparation, a splash of creativity, and the knowledge in how to position the design in a manner that attracts attention. Here are some tips to consider when getting started with a t-shirt design.

Know The Target Audience

Before starting the actual designing of a shirt, it is important to know exactly whose attention you wish to obtain when someone wears the clothing. What age group do you have a message for? Are you trying to sell a product or service? Do you have information to share with a specific group? Knowing what will attract attention from the desired targeted group helps with the creation of appropriate content to ensure the right people are seeing the finished product.

tshirt design on man

Consider The Shirt Colors

Many people purchase t-shirts in bulk when they intend on designing them to be worn by a group or sold to the public after the design work is completed. It is best to consider the colors of the shirts themselves before settling on a design to be printed upon them. If several colors of the shirt are being used, the design may require tweaking depending on the intensity of the colors being used. Using text and images in colors that are complementary to the color of a shirt is best so the information is seen without difficulty.

Get Creative With Information

Creativity is key when designing a shirt. If a shirt offers the same information as others being worn, or if the layout of the information is done in a sloppy or bland manner, getting positive attention is not as likely. If you do not have an idea in mind for a design layout, try some of the following tasks to help to boost creativity.

Ask Questions

Write down several questions pertaining to the information you want to get across to your target audience. For example, for a business wishing to promote a new product, sample questions include information such as:

  • What does the new product look like?
  • Is the product easy to use?
  • What size is the product?
  • How much does the product cost?
  • Will the product be beneficial to own?

After questions about the focus of the information being placed in a design are written out, answer each one of them. This information may trigger the brain to come up with an interesting and unique way to present the answers in the form of design and wording to the target audience.

Practice Mindfulness

Creativity is sparked when practicing the act of mindfulness. This is the process of being aware of your surroundings at all times, listening to people without distraction, and keeping preconceived notions out of the mix. Being open to new experiences opens the door to creative processes, perhaps helping you come up with an innovative design to incorporate onto shirts.

Dare To Be Different

Make it a priority to try activities outside of the norm on a routine basis. This will give new perspectives and experiences to contemplate. Try associating items that would never be paired together in normal activities and figure out a way to use each one of them together. Write down several words for items usually found in the home, for example, soap, fork, stuffed animal, necklace, remote control. Pick two words and think of a way to use the two items together to solve a task, make an activity, or give as a gift. This type of exercise will help someone work on their creativity so they can use it when doing a design for shirts.

Get Help From Programs

Computer programs are available to help with the designing process of apparel and other materials. Invest in a computer program and use it at your leisure to learn the functions it provides. Alternately, sign up for a computer class, either in a group or solo setting, or online. This will teach all aspects of a particular program, so each feature it has available is learned in full. As knowledge is obtained, practice several different designs and save them to come back to later when a better idea of exactly what type is needed is known.

Get Shirts Printed Professionally

Enlisting help from a business that does T-shirt printing ensures the end result is professional. They will assist with the selection of font styles, colors, and sizes, as well as give recommendations regarding the sizing and placement of logos, pictures, or intricate design work. Reach out and contact us to find out more today.

Aug 23

Your wedding is the most personal event you will ever throw, and also the most focused on clothing. What the bride and groom wear may be center-stage, but your bridesmaids and groomsmen are what set the scene. The colors and styles your bridesmaids wear, the matching ties and boutineers of the men, and the special adornment worn by the honored parents are all part of the show. And the best part is that the lucky couple gets to decide how it all comes together.

Customization is the name of the game, from the cake and decor to the little guest favors, everything bears the initials and favorite colors of the bride and groom. The colors of the wedding run through every detail and this is usually how you decide what your wedding party will wear on your big day. But why stop there? For the trendy modern couple with a flair for fashion, you can spice up your entire wedding party with delightfully personal custom embroidery. And we'd love to tell you how.

Embroidered Jackets for the Groomsmen

You may not be used to seeing your guy friends dressed up to the nines, but if there's one thing the guys enjoy most about a wedding (other than the food) it's the amazing duds. Whether your wedding is black-tie, white-tie, or a laid-back semi-casual, your groomsmen should be arriving in style with matching jackets. But why not add a flair of personalization to the uniform?

Consider a T-Birds style embroidery on the back of each groomsman's jacket, something cool that mixes your formal wedding with that rocker flair you can't deny. You can embroider anything you and your spouse-to-be desire from your initials to the nicknames of the groomsmen themselves.

custom embroidery for your wedding

Add a little matching detail on the collar and pocket and you can bet your best guys will be popping collars and doing cool poses all night. Fantastic for the transition from the ceremony to the reception without a change of clothes.

Bridesmaids with Embroidered Shawls

Bridesmaid dresses are a little more complicated to embroider, though goodness knows brides and their retinues have figured out how. If your girls are wearing full-back dresses or full skirts, you can find all sorts of ways to add custom embroidery of their names, your initials, or a beautiful matching pattern. A skirt embroidery can create a mesmerizing pattern or message that flows from dress to dress.

However, for warm weather weddings with short skirts and lovely exposed shoulders, consider a set of beautifully embroidered shawls. This way, your girls can drape that awesome custom design any way they like or wave them festively in the air for the kiss and while dancing at the reception.

Parents of the Bride and Groom

Even your parents can join in the fun because embroidery, unlike a few other custom wedding trends, is welcoming to wedding party members of all ages. If your mothers decide to wear dress jackets, you might get the whole parent-party labeled by embroidering the backs father's suit jackets and the mother's dress jackets to match the bridesmaids and groomsmen. If they'd rather go with something more understated or unique, a little lapel, collar or even corsage band embroidery can be just the right touch.

Unbelievable Wedding Pictures

Of course, the best part of custom embroidery for your wedding party is the pictures you'll get from it. From the front, your wedding party will look beautifully formal, but when your besties jump around to reveal their rock-and-roll wedding embroidery, that's when the fun begins. With every one of your wedding party sporting a custom embroidery, you can create any style you want. They can wear their own names (helping distant relatives remember them) or even create a sign by sporting different words in a funny phrase or a phrase that means something special to you and your finance.

And when the reception comes around, you can bet those embroidered jackets and shawls are going to get some play on the dance floor.

If this sounds like the best wedding idea you've ever heard, talk to your fiance and wedding party about what they want to embroider. Together, you'll build the perfect matching-set of embroidery designs and when you do, contact us! We're ready to embroider absolutely anything.

People Love Customized Scrubs

// posted by Cam Schultz

Aug 09

There are roughly 34 licensed healthcare facilities in San Diego, and all of them will have medical personnel in scrubs. It's such a big part of the medical culture that a TV show about a hospital is named after them. With this ubiquity, it is tempting to order generic scrubs or get sloppy about their appearance. After all, no one cares if the equipment is decorated. However, scrubs are more than just equipment; it is part of your staff's identity. So why not create a customized design for your scrubs? You can have your staff vote on a logo or a font for their name which can then go on all of their scrubs. That way, not only will your scrubs be very chic and give everyone a little fun, but you will reap the following advantages.

Gets Employees Engaged

    A survey conducted by Bain discovered that people who got customized products were more engaged with companies than those who didn't. They stayed twice as long on the company's website and felt more loyal to the brand. This translates into our work environment, too. When we get specialized uniforms, we pay more attention to our work environment and get excited about our company's possibilities.

    And if you think about it, what your staff wears is an important part of their work environment. They bring it with them between nurse pods and offices. They will see the results of your customization every time they go to the bathroom at work. All this extra engagement will cut back on turnover and burnout in staff members, and give them the boost in morale that they need to see them through the long shifts they have to work.

customized scrubs

Cheers Up Patients

     Ever walk into a room, spot someone wearing a clever t-shirt, and immediately smile? We can't help it: play on words and beautiful artwork lifts our mood, making even serious business fun. And let's face it, some of your patients are nervous. They are about to receive life-altering news in some form, or they worry that some little symptom indicates the onset of cancer. Some patients get nervous just about hospitals and lab coats in general. These upset patients are not in a good position to handle what the doctors and nurses are telling them. Their internal voices are screaming, so all they hear is 'doom, blah blah, doom.' Then they can't hear what they need to do to recover. 

    But get patients smiling with charmingly customized scrubs, and even patients that are about to receive bad news will be in a better frame of mind. They will be able to absorb information and follow instructions better. 

Cements Your Brand

    Your facility has a lot of competition, and you want to do everything you can to reward patients who choose you over the other options. Unique scrubs add to the general impression that your facility is a good place to stay while you recover your health. This impression can spread, too. A lot of people tell stories about their hospital stays. Customized scrubs might get a mention when your recovered patient talks about her or his illness and hospital stay, and even if they don't get singled out, they comfortable atmosphere it contributed to will. Customized scrubs may feel like a little thing, but anything that highlights your place will make your facility memorable, thus encouraging more people to choose you.

     So here we have 3 good reasons to order customized scrubs for your staff. Fortunately, EmbroidMe has years of experience with customizing scrubs and can produce ones that everyone will love. If you are interested in getting the spiffiest scrubs you can for your facility, contact us.

Jul 26

What do you wear at weight loss camp? If you run a fitness camp, chances are many of your guests spend much of their stay wearing t-shirts, so how about getting custom t-shirt printing to help make their experience more special while you promote your resort? Here are some of the advantages of getting your own custom t-shirts along with creative ways to use them.

Build Team Spirit: One reason that weight loss camps are so popular is that they offer social support. Wearing the same clothing is one simple way to send the message that everyone is on the same team so your guests can start getting to know each other, and find ways to help everyone to reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

custom tshirts for your weight loss camp

Fight Stigma: It's no secret that being overweight or obese sometimes exposes people to discrimination or other negative treatment. The stigma of needing to lose weight can actually become a barrier to taking pounds off. Your custom printed t-shirts could help to change people's thinking so they can become proud of making the decision to do something to improve their lives and their health. Maybe you'll want to print funny or inspiring fitness slogans on your shirt, along with your name and logo.

Be Practical: On top of everything else, providing t-shirts to your guests just makes sense. They're going to want something comfortable to wear for their workout sessions and maybe for sleeping. Plus, if their days are packed with planned activities from breakfast to bedtime, they're not going to have much time to spend thinking about what to wear.

Encourage Follow Up: Fortunately, many of today's best health spas are far more focused on encouraging long-term lifestyle changes instead of aiming for rapid weight loss that may not be sustainable. When your guests return home with their t-shirts, they'll have a tangible reminder of all their hard work and valuable accomplishments. That simple memento may help them to maintain their motivation to eat healthy and exercise regularly. If they choose to stay friends with the other guests they met during their camp days, they can even wear their shirts when they get together for formal or informal reunions.

How can you present and use your t-shirts? Maybe you'll want to give each a guest a welcome packet when they check in that includes their shirt and any additional gifts, along with all the materials and supplies they'll need for their stay. If you're offering a more luxurious package you might even provide a full wardrobe. Consider filling a basket in their bedroom each evening with everything they'll need in the morning including their t-shirt and other workout wear for the day, the daily schedule and menu, and any educational handouts.

In addition, those t-shirts are perfect for photo opportunities when you're taking pictures for your website or your guests want a shot of themselves and their new workout buddies to post on their Facebook page or Instagram. You could also decorate your lobby with group photos of each graduating class so each batch of new arrivals will see that they can do it too.

While losing pounds and wearing smaller-sized clothing is not the only way to measure your fitness, it can be one of the most noticeable pleasures of losing weight. You might want to let your guests know that you're happy to accept their original t-shirt back if they need to trade it in for something smaller when they leave.

EmbroidMe San Diego is your promotional marketing partner. Contact us for quality products and creative ideas that can help you to attract attention, and grow your business.

Logo T-shirts Promote Your Podcast

// posted by Cam Schultz

Jul 12

If you recently started a podcast, you have stiff competition. Podcasts are proliferating on the internet, and they fill every niche. How many active podcasts exist is hard to estimate, but there are an uncountable number of them listed on iTunes, even if you are only looking in the history category. And that does not include the local ones like the ones stationed here in San Diego. The university has class lessons broadcast on a podcast, and there is a local podcast that covers the San Diego lifestyle beat. 

   Your new podcast does not have to go unheard, however. One good way to make your podcast stand out is to give or sell to your listeners custom designed logo t-shirts. These are wearable works of art with your podcasts name on it which may very well give your show the boost it needs.

promote your podcast

Classic Swag For The Digital Age

    While Southern California can be full of high-tech attractions, the classics are still beloved here. T-shirts with screen printed logos go back to the 1960's, and they are ingrained in our culture as a form of personal expression. Giving t-shirts to your subscribers, whether you offer them as free swag at a podcasting convention, offer them on sale as part of your show, or give them to donors, is part of a grand tradition that your podcast listeners will want to join. Besides, this could be audio's second Golden Age, so hearkening back to an earlier tradition makes thematic sense.

Mobile Promotion

   San Diego's warm climate and beach-life attitude make t-shirts the apparel of choice for many activities. Why shouldn't your subscribers sport your logo t-shirt while they are at it? They will spread the name and theme of your podcast everywhere while they go grocery shopping, do their banking, or work in the community garden. At the very least, it will make your logo familiar enough to anyone looking for a new podcast so that they might give you a listen, just to see why that person they saw was wearing the same logo. Familiarity makes your podcast safe to try in the minds of the searchers.

   In the best case scenario, people ask the wearer of the shirt about the logo, and your loyal listener gets to talk up your show. Subscribers can make the best pitch to potential listeners, too: they know what interests the other person and they are not directly affiliated with you. This makes them a sort of user social proof: their enthusiasm proves that other people like this podcast, which encourages people to try it out. This sort of user recommendation is a powerful way to recruit new listeners, according to TechCrunch.

Reward Your Donors

   There is a running joke on one popular podcast about what the host will give donors, from beer to a wild boat trip. This reflects the need of anyone with a podcast to give their donors something valuable for their contributions. Logo t-shirts fill this niche nicely, especially in the San Diego market, where t-shirts are guaranteed to be both decorative and practical. Beautiful t-shirts with your catchphrase and logo screen printed or embroidered on it will make a $5 donor feel like part of the in-crowd. More practically, it will encourage more giving. These shirts act as a tangible acknowledgment of your listeners support that will inspire gratitude in them, which study from Berkeley has shown will make them more receptive to giving at your next big drive.

    While podcasts are high-tech, their promotion should include the classics. If you want to spread the word about your show with t-shirts, contact us. We are experts in creating logos and designs, so let our art compliment and promote yours.

Jun 28

While visibility is nice for any organization, it's an essential part of your mission when you're running a neighborhood watch group. Neighborhood watch groups are one of the most effective ways to reduce crime, and they have many other important benefits for a community. Promotional clothing and other products can be part of that success by giving you more visibility.

Speaking of success, San Diego has an especially impressive record. The San Diego City Council reports that there are more than 50 neighborhood watch groups in our area, and many news sources confirm that San Diego's crime rate is the lowest it has been in nearly 50 years, partly due to close ties between local authorities and community members.

If you want to get involved, here are some suggestions for buying and using promotional products, and other aspects of starting and maintaining a neighborhood watch group.

watch group promotional clothing custom

How to Use Promotional Clothing: You might want to purchase a variety of items including t-shirts and hats in both adult and children's sizes. Your individual mix may depend on what's popular and useful in your neighborhood. For example, if you're in one of the more pedestrian friendly areas in San Diego you might get hats or shirts for volunteers doing neighborhood walks. If you expect to do a lot of graffiti paint outs and clean-up events, you may prefer an ample supply of custom scrubs so people won't mind getting messy. Depending on your activities, it may also be appropriate to have logo goods available in English, Spanish, and other languages to make a positive and inclusive statement. Whatever happens, you'll have plenty of opportunities to use and display your clothing at your own meetings, block parties, and service projects, as well as recruitment and educational activities done in partnership with other neighborhood organizations.

How to Pay for Your Promotional Clothing: Local employers and small businesses may be willing to help cover expenses for many things including logo goods, especially if you offer them recognition for their contribution. That way you may be able to provide free items to motivate and thank your volunteers. You may also want to consider charging membership fees or selling promotional items to raise funds. In addition, you can find many helpful examples online of how other neighborhood watch groups are raising funds from traditional rummage sales to Go Fund Me campaigns. While fundraising isn't necessary, it may enable your group to be more active and accomplish more.

Online Presence: Naturally, many neighborhood watch groups have websites, Facebook pages or some other online presence these days. In addition to recruiting volunteers and offering your logo goods for sale, you can provide safety information and reminders about issues like keeping your alarm system turned on and being especially vigilant during the holidays.

Other Benefits: While security may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a neighborhood watch group, the benefits extend much further. The greatest value may be in helping people to get to know their neighbors and feel connected. In addition to reducing burglaries, neighborhood watches can provide designated block parents and safe houses for local children, help lost pets find their way home, and provide a head start for organizing and responding to other crisis situations like natural disasters and medical issues. When you or a neighbor wear your logo products you could be sending an important message about how to find someone trained and available to help in an emergency.

At EmbroidMe San Diego, we are happy to assist you with any branded apparel or promotional items you and your neighborhood watch will need. Contact us today to discuss how you can use logo goods to raise awareness and promote your cause.

Jun 14

While all promotional clothing is valuable, some types of promotional clothing will work particularly well. Sometimes, companies just need to emphasize specific types of clothes, and they'll get a better reaction from the people who receive the promotional clothing. 

Promotional Clothing for Every Season

Many different types of promotional clothing will only be appropriate during certain seasons. 

stylish custom promotional clothing

Promotional clothing that can be worn in nearly all kinds of weather will be particularly popular. 

Customers have consistently favored clothes like these. For instance, many people will automatically purchase clothes that have built-in layers, because they'll think that they're getting a good deal.

These people will also know that they can get a lot of use out of clothes like this. Styles like this will be especially appealing to today's customers, who are interested in saving money and sustainable clothing design.

Promotional 3-in-1 jackets should be very successful as promotional clothing. People who get 3-in-1 jackets that they like will often wear them for most of the year, which is possible with outerwear like this. 

It should also be noted that promotional clothing should be more effective if it's practical for people to wear for most of the year. It means that people will spend even more time subtly displaying advertising the company's logo. This is something that all companies should keep in mind. 

Sensible Fashion

Some companies might think that people who care more about looking a certain way won't care about the versatility of a particular item of clothing. In fact, the opposite is sometimes true.

People who develop their own style will often wear clothes connected with that style all year. For instance, people who enjoy plaid flannel shirts will sometimes wear them even when it's warm outside. They'll love finding clothes associated with their chosen style that won't be impractical for them to wear whenever they want. 

Of course, people who don't particularly care about wearing any specific style will still love versatile clothes like 3-in-1 jackets. Many of these people favor clothing that's considered sensible, and 3-in-1 jackets certainly fall into that category. 

Companies should try to get a sense of the 3-in-1 jacket styles that are available. If they create promotional clothing like this, it should be loved by their audience members all year, regardless of how concerned they are with fashion in general.  

Popular Modern Clothing Styles

Companies that want to offer the most valuable promotional clothing should pay attention to modern fashion trends. For instance, clothes that have more of a vintage or traditional look have been everywhere for a while now. Lots of traditional clothing was appropriate for a wide range of different seasons, making it very sensible for most people, and making it efficient as promotional clothing.

Promotional clothing that has a very classic vibe to it, even if that effect is very subtle, should be very well-received by today's customers. Many modern fashion customers like large sweaters and turtlenecks, which were just as trendy late in the twentieth century.

They also like elegant shirts that have something of a tailored look to them. Vintage clothing from many time periods is in style today, and promotional clothing that takes advantage of these trends in some way should really be loved. 

Many companies should also be happy to note that promotional clothing is becoming trendy in its own right today. Shirts that feature graphics and logos have always been popular, but clothing like this is being much more heavily emphasized in modern fashion.

Companies can display their logos very prominently on their promotional clothing today since it's the sort of thing that many modern fashion consumers like. They want their clothing to be distinctive. A shirt with a logo can be more interesting than a shirt that's completely unadorned. Many modern fashion consumers will wear promotional clothing very enthusiastically, making it even more effective in the process. 

Contact us to investigate these products further.

May 24

Every Saturday morning, millions of Americans climb out of bed and eagerly head out to garage sales. These intrepid hunters seek treasures considered trash by some, but there is no doubt about the tremendous popularity and draw of these events.

That's why garage sales, also known variously as rummage sales, yard sales, tag sales, white elephant sales and estate sales, are among the most-effective, visible fundraiser options for organizations. The overhead costs associated with garage sales are often next to nothing, especially considering the stock for sale is usually donated, and volunteers make up the willing workforce.

That's why purchasing custom-made, screen printed shirts is well-worth the small investment. Below are four reasons why getting shirts for your faithful crew of volunteers will take your fundraiser garage sale to the next level.

Lets Customers Know Who Can Help Them

No doubt you have noticed that employees at grocery and general merchandise stores wear uniforms of some kind. In fact, most persons who work with the general public in a sales or service capacity wear some type of identifying garment.

That's a huge benefit to the general public, especially for those who need assistance with finding a product or help with other issues. You can duplicate that benefit for your garage sale customers by getting custom tee shirts for your volunteer staff.

screen printed shirts and community yard sales

Tee shirts with lettering, logos and uniform colors, especially bright, cheerful hues, will serve to alert customers who might ask for pricing information or need help with loading heavy goods. Name tags alone are too small to provide the splash you want, but screen printed shirts are readily visible. You can build a lot of goodwill among shoppers when you let them know you are ready and willing to help.

Improves Event Organization and Management

Large events, such as a community-style garage sale, can make organization and planning a real challenge. That's where custom printed tee shirts can improve things immeasurably.

By having volunteers wear matching tee shirts, you will immediately be able to recognize your crew from a distance and know who is doing what at a moment's notice. This will prevent a lot of fruitless and frantic searching around a crowded sales site and save you time when you need to find someone.

In addition, you can go a step further and use color schemes to help identify various roles. For example, you may want to provide cashiers with lime green shirts and your loading crew with red shirts. The specifics are really up to you, but color-coding staff will help make your sale go more smoothly from a management perspective.

Increases Event Security

In today's environment, security and safety are "must haves", and you can't afford to let your guard down at a large, community garage sale. Providing volunteers with event tee shirts can help increase security levels on several levels.

First, any would-be criminals will be immediately alerted to the fact that staff are in close proximity and are watching their activity. This can discourage the bad guys from attempting anything that might compromise the security of the sale.

Second, customers can also know how to get help quickly in case something unforeseen happens. For example, if there is a medical emergency, it is comforting to know that a volunteer can be quickly located so an ambulance can be called.

Doubles as a "Thank You" to Volunteers

Last, but not least, custom screen printed shirts are a great way to tell your volunteers, "thank you." Shirts provide a tangible reward for those who make your sale possible, and they also are lasting reminders of the hard work and dedication involved. You can bet that a tee shirt will be a much-appreciated token of your esteem for a job well-done.

If you are looking for screen printed tee shirts or any other type of custom apparel, be sure to contact EmbroidMe San Diego today. We are your "go-to" custom apparel company and can provide what you need to help make your event a huge success.