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Feb 17

Have you been toying with the idea of introducing promotional products into your business, but don't know where to begin? Start by understanding all of the benefits promotional products have to offer your company. In this post, we will uncover the top three ways your business will thrive from the use of these products.

  1. They Last For a Long Time: Promotional products are pieces of advertisement that last. Unlike an ad in the paper or online or a three day marketing event, promotional products are a one time investment that could theoretically last forever. When you give your clients a complimentary mug or your employees a thank-you gift, you are supplying them with something that they can inadvertently show off to others for years to come, thus getting your business name out there more.

  2. They Increase Brand Recognition: What is the key to establishing a strong brand identity that is easily recognizable? Being repetitive and ubiquitous. Having promotional products out there used by people accomplishes both of those things. If you want clients to remember you, gift them with a promotional product. If you want to expand your reach, offer t-shirts to employees and repeat customers. You will more than double your brand exposure with promotional products.

  3. An Added Revenue Opportunity: In addition to giving away promotional products for select occasions, you can also sell them regularly. Once you have established a brand that people trust and love, they will be more likely to buy your promotional products. This way, people are literally paying to advertise for you.

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3 Super Useful Promotional Products

// posted by Cam Schultz

Feb 10

useful-promo-productWhen looking to promote your business, school, or organization and get your name out there, promotional products are a great way to go. Sure, we have all seen the pens, the t-shirts, and the magnets for various businesses near us. Wondering why you keep seeing the same types of products? The reason some types of products are so popular is because they work! Keeping your name consistently in front of people is the key to successful brand recognition, and promotional products are tremendously successful at this, as long as they are used. Let me repeat that last part, 'as long as they are used.' It doesn't matter how flashy or quirky your promotional product is, if it isn't useful, it won't be effective. It the item doesn't get used, your logo won't be seen. So don't be tricked into thinking that you need to find something totally unique to give away. First consider whether it will be useful to the recipient.

People love getting free stuff—no matter how small it is! Just make sure it's something they will hang onto and keep using over time.

  1. Lanyards: Lanyards are a practical and affordable way to get your name out there. Consider the possibilities on a school or business campus. People often carry their IDs and keys on a lanyard so those important items can be nearby at all times. Why not have them using a lanyard with your logo on it? Lanyards can also incorporate USBs, which give them a bonus functionality -- super useful!
  2. Tote Bags: Studies show that people keep promotional tote bags for 4 years! That is 4 years of brand recognition for not only the person you gave the bag to, but also the people who see them carrying it. Tote bags are a great promo gift for anyone because they are so useful. People can use them for groceries, books, a gym bag, a diaper bag, and more. Look for a bag with a features such as a pocket for water bottles, internal pockets, and drawstring or zippered tops. Heavier material, stronger construction, and a two tone design will make your bag stand out. Tote bags don't have to be boring! 
  3. water-bottle-promo-productWater Bottles: Water bottles are another practical promo product that people really appreciate and use. Many people who carry around a water bottle lose them from time to time and are always looking for a new one—and better yet, a free one. Don't just go for the cheapest possible giveaway. Look for eye catching color combinations, shapes that fit your hand, a generous size, a color that supports your brand, and the type of lid that suits your sensibilities. We even have water bottles with fruit infusers and built in chiller sticks. Premium features like this are - you guessed in - super useful (!) and really make your gift stand out.

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Feb 03

Whether you are hosting a one-time community service project or you're the leader of an ongoing community service group, custom screenprinting can add to the experience of your team members. From t-shirts to jackets, and from hats to customized shorts, screenprinting can add a bit of personal detail to almost any article of clothing. The final product is comfortable, casual, and easy to care for while still maintaining a high level of quality.

custom-screenprinting-for-community-serviceHere are three reasons why you will definitely want to consider ordering one or two custom-screenprinted items for each member of your volunteer team.

Bring People Together

Custom-screenprinted items are a great way to give your group a sense of community. This boosts their desire to work as a team, meaning your group will be closer-knit than they might have been otherwise, plus much more productive.

Look Professional


A team that matches gives off a professional vibe that will ensure others take them seriously. Matching clothing also helps people recognize your group as a team, helping to keep them together in crowded places.

No matter which screenprinted items you decide to order for your group, they're sure to help the team look and feel professional as the carry out their important work in the community.

Keep the Memory Alive

Custom-printed clothing makes for an excellent memento after the event has ended or the group has moved on to other projects. Who knows? Your t-shirt may even bring back enough positive memories to bring the same volunteers back for a second round.

If you are ready to order some custom-screenprinted items for your group, please contact us today at EmbroidMe San Diego. We would love to help you create the perfect piece for your community service team!