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Mar 31

Getting married is a big deal. Devoting your entire life to one person is a huge step, meaning your wedding day marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

custom-shirts-for-bachelorette-partyHowever, before you move onto the next chapter, it is important to commemorate the current one with an amazing bachelorette party. After all, you only get one, so why not make it good?

Because there are so many different types of bachelorettes in the world, there are also a wide variety of bachelorette party styles. While many women will go the traditional "mature" party route, others prefer a simpler, quieter affair with her girl friends. No matter what your maid of honor decides to do for you, you are sure to have a great time surrounded by all of the important women in your life.

That said, every great event deserves to be commemorated, right? Why not do so with custom-made shirts for all of your party attendees (and yourself, of course)? Provided your party was a casual affair, matching shirts would be great fun to wear on the night of the event, and even if you don't, they're still the perfect way to thank your girlfriends for being there for you. Additionally, they can be worn for years to come and remind you of your last big fling as a bachelorette.

If custom bachelorette party shirts sound like something you'd like to add to your list of must-haves as you head toward your big day, we would love to help. Please contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego to learn more about our high-quality printing and embroidery services. 

The Benefits of Field Trip Shirts

// posted by Cam Schultz

Mar 24

Whether you run a daycare or teach middle school, chances are you will be heading out for a field trip or two. Field trips are great fun and exciting for everyone involved. After all, what could be better than some hands-on education?

custom-field-trip-shirtsThat said, field trips can also be stressful for the adults in charge. Museums, zoos, and other large public places are the perfect places for fields trips, but also the perfect places for children to get lost.

Since losing a student is the last thing any teacher wants to experience, it's important to do whatever you can to keep this from happening. One of the ideal ways to keep your group together is through the use of custom field trip t-shirts.

How can shirts help keep kids safe? Read on to discover the many benefits of field trip shirts.

Easily Identify Your Students

When you're out in a crowded place, it can be hard to keep track of every child in your care. This is especially true when the kids are wearing a variety of colors, and even more so if they're colors that tend to blend in.

Field trip shirts can help solve this problem by giving your students a uniform look. For instance, if your kids are all dressed in yellow, you will know right away if a child belongs to your group or not. To make things easier on yourself, choose a color that is bright and easy to see from far off.

Stay Safe in Traffic

field-trip-shirt-benefitsBrightly colored shirts offer another benefit. Due to their short stature, kids can be hard for drivers to spot. However, a child wearing a bright yellow or orange shirt is pretty hard to miss. This makes walking through parking lots and crossing streets a little safer for your group of minors.

Keep Your Group Together

A third benefit to matching, brightly colored shirts is the fact that people are also likely to separate your group. The matching shirts will make it apparent that you are together, and the bright colors will make it pretty easy to spot where the group begins and ends.

Are you ready to get some custom printed shirts made for your next field trip? Please contact us today at EmbroidMe San Diego for a quote.

Mar 17

If your medical office has made the decision to make the switch to custom scrubs, you may be wondering how to choose the right customization for your office. After all, this kind of change is a big deal—one that will affect you, your office, and your staff for quite some time.

woman-wearing-custom-embroidered-scrubFor this reason, we recommend giving some thought to how you want your office represented. Here are a few things you may want to consider:

#1: Scrub Styles

While custom scrubs are great for giving your office staff a professional and uniform look, they can sometimes be considered restrictive in terms of self-expression. Depending on your office environment, you may decide to offer your staff options when it comes to ordering their scrubs. Designate a few styles or colors they can choose from - all consistent with your branding, of course.

You might pick a certain style of scrub, and allow each staff member to choose their favorite color of scrubs. Some offices designate a certain color for each day of the week.

#2: Decoration

In some cases, deciding what to embroider to customize the scrubs for your practice is a challenge. If the practice has a logo, then it's easy to say - let's customize the scrubs by adding our logo. But what if you don't have a logo? You can either find a piece of clip art you like, or you can choose something from our catalog of stock embroidery designs. When we add the name of your office above or below the selected piece of art, things start looking very nice! If you want to have more decoration, consider adding names, other logos (are you a member of the BBB?), or a tagline or website.

custom-scrub-considerationsCommon places for embroidery are on the opposite chest across from the main logo; on both sleeves; and on the back yoke (just below the collar). 

#3: How Many?

Deciding how many scrubs to order can be a tough call. The good news is that you can order just what you need, and replenish your stock later as needed. Just consider how many staff members you have, and how many days they work each week. Each person is usually provided with a week's worth of uniforms.  

If you are still having trouble deciding exactly what your office needs, please feel free to contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego. We would be happy to get you set up with the perfect solution for your office.

Custom Shirts for Your Coffee Shop

// posted by Cam Schultz

Mar 10

custom-shirtAs a coffee shop owner, you are probably always on the lookout for ways to increase your revenue. After all, keeping a coffee shop afloat is no easy feat, and every penny counts toward your success in doing so.

Of course, increasing revenue is not the only way to ensure your business remains healthy financially. Decreasing costs is another option. However, decreasing costs can be difficult or even impossible at times.

That said, there is one option that can both increase revenue and help to decrease the costs of running a coffee shop. This option comes in the form of custom shirts.

You may be wondering what custom shirts have to do with running a successful coffee shop. After all, not many people think of t-shirts when they think of coffee. However, something as simple as a shirt can actually be an amazing addition to your business, and here's why:

#1: Increase Revenue

While your main business is coffee, there is absolutely no reason why your shop can't offer other items for sale. Granted, a coffee shop cluttered with knick-knacks probably isn't going to do much for increasing revenue. However, a well-designed, quality shirt can actually bring a nice bit of profit—something every business owner wants to see.

#2: Decrease Advertising Costs

custom-shirt-for-coffee-shop-marketingAs if increasing revenue wasn't enough, custom shirts can actually help to lower advertising costs. A shirt worn on a regular basis by loyal customers helps spread awareness of your coffee shop throughout the city. As an added bonus, the shirt can act as a conversation starter, giving your business word-of-mouth marketing as well.

So what's stopping you? Order a few shirts, hang them in your shop, and wait for the sales to roll in.

We would love to help you create a custom t-shirt that your shop will be proud to sell. Contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego today for more information. 

Mar 03

It is practically a given that if you attend a university or college, you'll buy a sweatshirt with the name on it. College towns are full of students sporting customized sweatshirts. Why sweatshirts, though? And can non-profits use them, too?

custom-embroidered-sweatshirtThe answer to 'why sweatshirts' is easy. Sweatshirts, especially hoodies and zippered sweatshirts, are an essential item in everyone's closet. Sweatshirts are worn everywhere whenever the weather is even slightly nippy. They are ubiquitous at work and at play. That means that your screenprinted or embroidered logo will go everywhere and be seen by everyone most of the year. Nothing covers your logo either, since you wear sweatshirts over any shirt you might have on.

Of course, universities and colleges sell custom embroidered or screenprinted sweatshirts because it appeals to their natural demographic: young adults getting an education. Sweatshirts appeal to all demographics, though. Everyone needs a nice, warm covering and everyone loves the relaxed feeling of a sweatshirt. A non-profit trying to raise funds for their cause will find them an easy sell.

They are also natural prizes or participation awards at events. Just think how grateful a volunteer will be when they show up in the wee hours in the morning to help with the fun-run and they get a sweatshirt to put on against the cold of the morning. It is certainly more tangible and long-lasting than the coffee and donuts on offer. They are easier to transport than the coffee, too.

non-profit-marketing-with-sweatersEven more valuable than a participant's warmth will be the story that goes with it, as people will ask participants in your fundraiser where they got the sweatshirt. The volunteer will then get to explain how they earned it. This will keep your cause part of the conversation long after the event is over.

Sweatshirts make excellent identifiers as well. If you are somewhere chilly, participants in events will keep sweatshirts on over shirts, so your logo will be covered up if it isn't on the sweatshirt. With that layer covered, your volunteers will be easily followed.

If you're looking for some new logo gear to offer your members, custom sweatshirts can be your solution. If you want more information, please contact us.