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Awards Help With Employee Retention

// posted by Cam Schultz

May 26

employee-retentionHaving employees stay with a company long term, is often a major goal for businesses of all sizes. After all, the hiring process is a hassle and it disrupts the productivity of a company to constantly recruit and train new people. There are many ways to improve employee retention, but some of the simplest are actually quite effective. One of the biggest ROI's? Simply let people know you appreciate their efforts. Recognize them for their length of service with the company, and for their contributions to the business. Give them a memento of your appreciation on various occasions, and this will help reinforce your appreciation. Promotional products - whether awards, incentives, or even toys - are quite effective when used for this purpose. Here are a few ideas.

Welcome to the Team

It can be fun and helpful to provide new employees with a company tote bag filled with company shirts and branded office supplies. This makes a great on-boarding gift. Does your company promote health and wellness? Include a waterbottle to support good hydration at work (or play), and a pedometer to encourage getting extra steps in during the day. And of course standard office supplies such as a padfolio, folders, and pens with the company logo are always welcome.


Everyone reaches a certain point in their career when they want to look back and take stock of what they have achieved. You can provide visual reminders of those achievements with awards and recognition. Lapel pins, certificates, plaques, frames, awards, crystal, and of course watches are traditional types of gifts to mark milestones associated with 1, 5, 10, or more years with the company. Incentive gift catalogs are also available to make gift giving easy, and help ensure that the recipient receives a gift they really like. Catalog programs are easy to operate. Just prepare a list of employees reaching significant service milestones each year, and your promotional product provider (ahem) will do the rest. Catalogs are available at $50, $75, $100, etc. (up to $1000) gift level, and all the recipient has to do is browse the variety of gifts to choose what they want to receive, and it will be shipped right to their door, courtesy of your company!

Don't forget to also celebrate births, birthdays, and retirements. Baby onesies with the company logo on them are a lot of fun, as are group tshirts at the retirement party!

Unusual Achievements

employee-thank-you-giftWhen a worker achieves something out of the ordinary, acknowledge it with more than a simple thanks. Something more concrete is required when the achievement is notable. If someone clearly did more than what was required in unusual circumstances, you can let that person know you value that contribution with a logo product or an unbranded incentive chosen from from a gift catalog. That warm feeling of recognition will pay dividends, and send the message that you want to encourage a good employee to stay on.

If you can think of some employees who might appreciate heartfelt recognition, contact us. EmbroidMe San Diego has plenty to fit your needs.

Custom Polo Shirts for Your Waitstaff

// posted by Cam Schultz

May 19

As the owner of a restaurant, you want to give the best impression possible. From the taste and presentation of your food to the color of paint and pictures on your walls, you have probably put a lot of thought into making sure your customers are impressed with your establishment. Why, then, would you not put the same amount of thought into the clothing your employees wear?

If your waitstaff does not currently adhere to a dress code, it is high time you establish one. Additionally, if your dress code doesn't include custom polo shirts, you simply must consider adding them.
Here are just a few of the many reasons custom polo shirts are the perfect option for waiters and waitresses alike.

custom-polo-shirts-for-waitstaffComfortable Yet Professional

To begin with, custom polos are the perfect look. With a simple embroidered logo, your staff will be easy to identify, and the collared polo gives a casual yet professional feel. To make things even better, polo shirts are comfortable, meaning your staff will look great without sacrificing the comfort and range of motion needed to take good care of customers.

Easy to Clean

Let's face it, waiting tables is messy business. Clothing that doesn't clean easily is simply out of the question for those working with food. Fortunately, polo shirts are incredibly easy to clean, making stain removal at the end of a long day at work a breeze.

custom-polos-for-restaurant-employeesPeace of Mind

Finally, custom polos offer peace of mind to all involved. You can rest easy knowing your staff will look presentable while working, and your staff can relax knowing they will be meeting your expectations each day. Additionally, the custom polos can give your waitstaff some comfort in knowing they won't ruin their favorite personal shirt at work.

Prefer to clad your waitstaff in button down shirts, or maybe just provide a company-branded apron? We offer those items as well.

Of course, we've only touched on some of the reasons to consider ordering embroidered apparel for your waitstaff. If you'd like more info on available options or the pros and cons of different waitstaff uniforming options, contact us here at EmbroidMe San Diego to learn more.

May 12

Anyone who has ever been in the military can tell you just how many friends and memories are made during that time. After all, shared experiences in intense situations lead to deep connections. Because those brave souls who fight for our country do develop such close connections during the time they serve, reunions are a popular past time among retirees young and old. These events can be a simple lunch with local military buddies, but more often than not, they are extravagant events with attendees from all over the country, with food and entertainment to boot.

embroidered-military-hatsReunions are incredible events that help retired military members -whether Navy, Marine, or one of the other services - rekindle old friendships as well as make new ones. Everyone leaves a military reunion with a smile on their face and more wonderful memories to add to their collection.

If you are organizing a military reunion in the near future, it is important to give your guests this opportunity to commemorate their service, and the reunion itself, with appropriate swag. Custom embroidered hats, embroidered patches, stickers, tshirts, lighters and all kinds of drinkware are some of the most popular items -- and we do them all. But the #1 item we get asked for by both active and retired military? Custom embroidered hats for sure!

We offer a wide variety of hat styles and colors to choose from, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your group. Fitted hats of the FlexFit type are usually preferred by our military customers, and are typically embroidered in multiple locations - front, back, and sides. We gladly add ship names, numbers, dates, flags and any kind of emblems, as well as a portrayal of your ship onto the hats. We can also put 'scrambled eggs' on the brim if that's what you need! This all ensures that your hats are unique to your group and your event, making them even more special.

If you are ready to order custom embroidered hats for your upcoming event, please contact us today!

May 05

Custom embroidered uniforms can make a huge difference in the way customers view your business. The custom clothing idea has caught on in a variety of workplaces for several reasons. See if any of these positive results could transfer to your company and improve your employees' productivity and sense of community.

  1. Many individuals like the idea that the hassle of deciding what to wear every day could be eliminated. Getting ready for work can become the easiest action of the day.

  2. Instead of focusing on fashion trends, company workers can put on their custom uniforms and feel business-like and appropriate without even trying.

  3. Uniforms can also be a unifying factor for employees. Nothing makes a group feel more connected than wearing the same official company clothing.

  4. Employees may like the idea of not having to spend money on their business-wear clothing. They can use that part of their budget on whatever else they desire. 

  5. When employees are wearing custom uniforms, they present a professional and confident air that increases customers' trust and confidence in the company they represent.

  6. Additionally, when employees leave the work arena, they become walking advertisements for their business.

  7. Wearing a custom uniform ensures that employees are not being judged by what they are wearing. Customized clothing gives employees the opportunity to make the same excellent first impression as their coworkers.

Now's the time to consider adding custom uniforms and to experience the benefits of having a well-dressed workforce.

To discuss adding custom clothing to your business, or to place an order, please contact us and let us work with you to make a valuable change for you and your business.