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Embroidered Hats for Fishing Enthusiasts

// posted by Cam Schultz

Jul 28

Summer is here, and that means more warm mornings spent out on the water casting your line. If you are a fishing enthusiast, and especially if you are in the business of taking people fishing, this is a very exciting part of the year. After all, who doesn't like heading out in a boat on a regular basis to take part in the age-old pastime?

custom-embriodered-hatsThe fishing community is a wonderful group to be a part of. Therefore, whether you hire out your boating services to tourists to try their hand at tuna fishing or head out on a private sail boat of your own, you'll likely want some swag to show your love of fishing and boating. Custom embroidered hats are just the thing to fulfill this desire - and many are one-size-fits-all, making it easier to stock up for a group.

As you probably know, hats are perfect for those who enjoy fishing, as they offer a bit of shade from the sometimes blinding sun. This enhances the fisher's vision, which in turn improves their technique. Additionally, a good fishing hat can protect a person's face from becoming burned, something every fishing enthusiast will agree is an important function of a hat. All of these things combined make a customer embroidered hat — featuring a boat name — the ideal addition to a fisher's wardrobe.

Here at EmbroidMe San Diego, we offer a variety of functional, comfortable, and high-quality hats. Each one can be embroidered to suit the customer's needs, meaning your fishing club logo can definitely be added. Additionally, we can add the embroidery of your choice to any number for other items including floor mats, shirts, totes, and towels.

Are you ready to order some great hats or other fishing themed items for your group of friends or your tourist customers? We would love to help you out! We also offer embroidered jackets, towels and bags, as well as printed tshirts. Please contact us today to discuss your needs with one of our friendly staff.

Custom Pencils for Back to School

// posted by Cam Schultz

Jul 21

School will be back in session soon, and that means it's time to make all of those back-to-school preparations. If you are a teacher or tutor, this means gathering a lot of supplies and building curricula. Both of these tasks are overwhelming, and often leave instructors feeling worn-out rather than excited when the new year finally does begin.

custom-pencilsWhy not reignite your excitement about the new school year and give your students some fun on their first day of school? Custom pencils are an inexpensive and fun way to welcome new students and start the year off on the right foot.

Here are some other reasons you should order custom-made pencils for your students:

They are Cute

Let's face it, a pencil with the name of your classroom or an inspirational message is just too cute. Your students will likely think so too, meaning your small gift will put them in a good mood, setting them up for success on their first day of lessons.

They Show You Care

While a pencil might be a small gift, it's a gift all the same, and any gift shows that you're thinking about someone. When you hand out custom-made pencils to your students on the first day of school, you will be showing them that you care about them and want the year to go well for them.


They are Useful

Considering your students will probably be doing quite a bit of writing during class, pencils are a very practical gift. This is great because it means your gift won't be tossed aside or left to clutter up any desks. Instead, the students can actively use your gift on a daily basis.

Ready to order a set of custom pencils for your kids? Please contact us today at EmbroidMe San Diego to place your order before the school year begins.

Jul 14

If you work in the food industry, you might remember a time when employees would be asked to wear a white shirt and a black top. Today, expectations and competition have increased. See why culinary custom uniforms are becoming a new requirement for many caterers, restaurants, hotels and other businesses.

custom-culinary-uniformsUniforms that blend in. Clients want to keep up with the dazzling event images and trends that bombard them from live streaming and Instagram photos. They're not going to be satisfied with front of house staff who clash with the atmosphere and environment. Your bartenders and servers need uniforms that are functional without interrupting the seamless look of the event. You need a uniform program that makes it easy for your employees to succeed by enabling them to build a capsule wardrobe ready to accommodate any client or event.

Uniforms that are fashion forward. At the same time, food has become part of the entertainment. Your staff might be helping clients at interactive desert stations. Your chefs might be out of the kitchen and out in the dining room performing with a brulee torch in the middle of a circular buffet.

Uniforms need to be sharp and professional. Uniforms with personalization. Embroidering company logos and individual names can be the final touch. Personalization promotes excellent service and effective branding.

When you choose EmbroidMe San Diego, we'll work with you to create the custom embroidered company uniforms you need. Our products include several lines of chef coats, tons of aprons, and much more. Contact us, and we'll track down what you’re looking for.

Jul 07

One of the clearest ways an organization can convey prestige is through the appearance of its members. The more finely dressed the employees are in an establishment, the more up-scale it must be. This simple psychological equation is important to consider when deciding on your company uniform. While wearing a distinctive color and bearing a logo makes your team members more easy to identify, you also want their appearance to convey an air of cool expertise.

embroidered-dress-shirt-as-company-uniformProfessionals Wear Dress Shirts

This is also a strong association in the modern mind. When we see someone in a well-cut dress shirt, we immediately assume they must have some authority and power. When all of your employees are dressed elegantly, you are sending a message that every member of your team is a respected professional and your clients will appreciate being served by a valued employee. Dress shirts even look great in unusually bright colors like orange or green, turning your company style into a bold fashion statement.

The Subtle Logo

By placing an embroidered rendition of your logo on the breast, collar or cuff of each dress shirt, you are politely inviting clients to associate your brand with elegance and professionalism. When you represent your company with well-dressed, well-spoken associates, you may be surprised by the increase of both new clients and prospective employees who want to take part in your quality brand.

Whether you're a new company designing the first uniforms or are seeking a new look for your team, logo embroidered dress shirts may be just what you're looking for. Want to talk logos and shirts? That's what we do best! Contact us with your questions, ideas, and orders.