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Aug 25

So you run a business and are considering investing in promotional products for the first time? Great! There are countless benefits associated with incorporating promotional products into your business operations, including a stronger brand identity, more engaged relationships with your employees and clients, and the opportunity to have free, "walking" advertisements working for you 24/7. To reap all those benefits, make sure your product choices are:

  1. promo-products-for-your-businessProfessionally Designed: Use the help of our experts to adapt your logo for use on each selected product, to make it your own. We're not looking to change your logo of course, just to make the best possible presentation on your selected product. And if your logo can't be displayed to best effect on the product you've got your heart set on, well we'll tell you that, and work through the problem together. Think about it this way...if you claimed to be an experienced, professional actor but showed up with amateur head shots, you would have a hard time convincing people that was true. The same holds for businesses shat show up with slapdash looking marketing materials (and promotional products definitely *should* be a part of your marketing mix.)

  2. Something People Want: The bottom line is that if nobody wants what you're giving away, your promotion is going to flop. A soft t-shirt is always better received than rough 'economy' one. Snappy graphics are more appealing than same old/plain old. And who needs another weird plastic gadget that breaks before you get it home? You get the idea. If you are investing in promotional products, make sure it is something that people will be pleased to accept, and will keep around and use repeatedly. The key idea here is that in addition to looking good, promotional products should offer functionality. People love things like coffee mugs and pens because they are practical and can be used daily.

Strive to make your promotional products look trendy and modern while also prioritizing functionality. Looking for more information? Contact us today!

Aug 18

We live in a world full of symbols, and how we use them can set us apart from the crowd in good and bad ways. If you are a large university, non-profit or business, you have a lot of lee-way with your symbol, also known as your logo. So why should you put your logo on dress shirts?

1. It Conveys Prestige

dress-shirts-with-logoDress shirts are classy. Your alumni or supporters will wear them to job interviews and in professional situations, and this will lend an air of respectability to your program. Clearly, people who use your product or program are successful.

Dress shirt logos are just generally tasteful. They are appropriate and discreet in all circumstances, so you never worry about someone associated with you looking vulgar and drawing the wrong kind of attention.

2. It Has Staying Power

Did you know Vaseline has been around since the 1870's? Products and programs can last a long time, and you want your logo on things that will last a good long while, too. Alumni can keep their shirt for decades after they have graduated, and, since shirts are flexible when it comes to size, they can wear them for decades afterwards. So long as you keep your logo throughout the program's or product's lifetime, the logo will remain recognizable, too.

employees-wearing-logo-dress-shirtsDress shirts don't really change much in design, either. You can keep the shirts from one year to the next. Each recruit will instantly fit in to your company culture and you will always have a fall-back outfit for everyone.

3. It Is Visible

Wherever an employee or supporter goes, your logo will be at eye level for most people. No one has to twist themselves around to see where the shirt came from.

Your employee or supporter will go many places, too. People wear dress shirts to a wide variety of events, and sometimes just around town when they want to feel 'pulled together.' Dress shirts are the perfect compromise between business and casual, so your brands can go pretty much anywhere.

If your program or product could use the boost of a dress shirt logo, contact us. We have years of experience and take great pride in producing quality shirts.

Aug 11

custom-embroidered-hatsThere are many different options for and methods of custom hat embroidery that can be used to "top off" your organization's campaigns and events. But before we highlight some of those, let's talk about about the merits of hats, period.

Why We Like Hats

Dr. Seuss had many a witty thing to say about hats. And we have to admit, he was on to something. Hats have a special place in our hearts, for several reasons.

Generally speaking, hats are an economical alternative to custom shirts, and hats have some important advantages over shirts, too. For one thing, they're literally "on top" of things - namely your employees and customers - so they stand out in pictures (hello, social media posts).

They're also a lot easier to order for a group, because size is rarely a concern. A shirt that's too big or too small just won't get worn. But a hat? It's not only going to be used on the day of an event, but it's likely to get some more time out of the closet for casual outings outdoors - where it will continue to rep for you and your organization.

embroidered-hatsWhat Can a Custom Hat Do For You?

Our customers use custom hats in a variety of ways to help get their messages across to a wide audience. And by "hats," we mean baseball caps, fleece hats, full-brim styles, visors, and a number of different styles and materials (Stretch-to-fit materials and performance styles are especially popular with athletic events.)

Here are a few projects that our customers used hats to promote last year:

  • Walk-a-thons, biathlons, triathlons

  • Traveling youth sports teams

  • Fundraising campaigns

  • School trips

  • Employee recognition programs

  • New product introductions

Now, what can we do for you? If you're looking for a smart way to "top off" an event or promotion, contact us. We'd love to help!

Aug 04

We've all seen charity run t-shirts with the names of sponsors emblazoned on the runners' backs. However, we think that teaming up on supporting good causes is such a good idea that there's no need to limit it to foot races. Here are some more thoughts on how businesses and nonprofits can use custom promotional products in their partnerships.

Strengthening relationships. While those race t-shirts sometimes show a dozen or more one-time sponsors, organizational partnerships tend to have more impact and return more benefit to both sides when a deeper relationship is established. For that to occur, partners must be chosen wisely to protect the organization's reputation and maintain trust with stakeholders. They may have intersecting missions and interests like a recycling company and an environmental research group, or a local employer and a nonprofit that provides services in nearby neighborhoods.

custom-nonprofit-promo-productsSave money. It's more efficient to order products in larger quantities, so it's a good strategy for non-profits to look for sponsors to subsidize the cost of their merchandise. Having a sponsor may help your organization place a larger order, helping you reach a volume discount. Or at the very least, reduce your net cost of obtaining the merchandise. And the best news? In some situations a sponsor logo can be added to the product at no extra cost, or at a very small additional cost. Don't worry, we'll help you do the math.

Cross promote. Just because organizations have been active partners, doesn't mean everyone noticed. Keep putting co-branded products out there, and be present at each other's events, social media streams, etc. Once people start seeing you together - and promotional products will help keep your logos front and center - the charity's donors might be more likely to become customers of the business, and the company's employees might be more likely to become volunteers and donors of the charity. Keeping it all in the family, so to speak.

All these activities can make partnerships more productive. Companies can humanize their brand and attract potential customers. Nonprofits can raise awareness about important issues, and generate more funds to do their work.

If you're looking for custom promotional products for your business or nonprofit, contact us. We deliver the best values on custom logo products.