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What Makes a Great Employee Uniform?

// posted by Cam Schultz

Jan 26

Dress code is something that every employer has to address at some point. Whether you're having issues with the comfort, style, and function of your current uniforms, or experiencing challenges associated with employee's inappropriate clothing choices, we're here to help. Especially in places where most of the staff are expected to deal with customers, we're experienced at helping you create an employee uniform that is comfortable, durable, and even stain and wrinkle resistant, so you can stop worrying about what people are wearing to work, and focus on the important business of taking care of your customers.

The question is how to design a uniform for your staff that your employees actually won't mind wearing. We've all heard the stories and seen a few real-life examples of work uniforms gone wrong and no one wants to accidentally make their employees look goofy or uncomfortable. To help you design the perfect uniform, we've put together a few notes.

Comfortable and Practical

The first and most important factor when choosing the aspects of your employee's future uniforms is comfort and practicality. Ideally, the uniforms will serve in the work environment even better than clothes brought from home. This means that the clothing needs to be flexible, breathable, and reasonably soft. It should also reflect the temperature and hazard level of your workspace. Make sure that you have the right thickness of fabric and length of sleeve to keep your staff both comfortable and safe. Do you need breathable fabrics, fade-resistant material, or stain and wrinkle-resistant treatments?

Employee Uniforms                                                                                                         

Modest and Flattering

The second purpose of an employee uniform is to bring down instances of inappropriate dress like short skirts or "fashion don'ts" that make the company look bad. to avoid these possibilities entirely, your uniform shirts must be both modest and flattering. Even if your staff is valued to a certain extent on their attractiveness, as with wait staff in many venues, it's still important that the uniform shirts be 100% "safe for work" in any business casual environment and contribute to the employee's dignity and respectability in the eyes of the customers.

On the flip-side of this, your uniform shirts also need to not make your employees look like clowns. Be careful about very bright colors and remember to favor colors and styles that flatter most skin tones and body shapes. This way, your staff will be able to look professional and serious while wearing the uniform on the job.

Team Color-Coded

It's hard to realize just how important colors are to the human psyche until you see it in person. One of the biggest slow-downs for most retail and service venues occurs when customers approach the wrong associate. We suggest subtly altering the colors from one team to the next. If your cashiers wear sky blue, your managers wear dark blue, and your service help personnel wear teal, customers will learn to spot the shirt color of the service they need. This is also quite useful for coordinating team efforts simply because you can sort people visually in an instant by shirt color. Choose the colors for your employee uniforms strategically and the organization benefits will create themselves.

Names and Logos

Finally, nothing makes an employee feel more like part of the team like a personally embroidered shirt. Start with the company emblem and if your team likes the shirts, consider making each of them a week's-worth set with their own names embroidered on the front pockets instead of name tags. This is not only a great way to incentivize your employees to enjoy their uniforms, it' also creates a greater sense of respect and permanence between the staff members and customers.

Building the right uniform for your team is a challenging task but it's far from impossible. Here at EmbroidMe, we can handle all your custom uniform needs from embroidered safety hats to branded water bottles to keep the team hydrated. Most of all, we love to make comfortable, functional work shirts with your logo and employee names embroidered wherever you want. For more employee uniform tips or to design your own custom team uniforms through our services, contact us today!

Jan 19

This is the perfect time of year for homeschool groups to get out into the world, make a difference, and learn something new. Whether your group is looking to sing for the elderly at a local nursing home, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or decorate trees for the nearby children's hospital, your students are sure to find the experience very fulfilling.

That said, none of those great experiences could happen without the adults in charge. After all, they are the ones doing all of the scheduling and driving. They are also the ones deciding what the kids will wear, something they may have thought very little about in the past. However, it might be something to put some thought into.

While most homeschool groups would probably stick to street clothes for gatherings such as these, there is something to be said for putting the students in matching custom printed t-shirts. Here are 3 great reasons to order custom t-shirts for you homeschool group this winter.


One of the most important jobs of a homeschool group is to bring kids together to learn team work and socialize with peers. By purchasing custom t-shirts for your group, you instill a sense of comradery amongst the members that may not have been there otherwise. The shirts help the group feel like a team, and that can go a long way in encouraging young people to cooperate with one another. 

Easy to Spot

Heading out into a public place with a large group of kids can be stressful for the adults in charge. After all, losing a child would be a terrible thing. Fortunately, matching shirts can help solve this problem by making it easy to spot a stray student should anyone wander away. 

Put Together Appearance

custom-t-shirts-for-homeschool-volunteeringMatching t-shirts help give your group a professional appearance that is sure to put managers and event organizers at ease. This put together appearance gives the perfect first impression no matter where you plan on taking your group.

Ready to order your custom t-shirts? We'd love to help! Please contact us here at EmbroidMe San Diego today.

Jan 12

Gifts for Employees 

Employers have many reasons for gifting employees with promotional clothing. Whether celebrating company milestones, kicking off new initiatives, promoting brand awareness, encouraging staff to volunteer in the community, or promoting a positive culture at work, employers often give workers some kind of gift of promotional clothing as part of the celebration.


Promoting the Company 

Promotional clothing tends to be a popular gift, especially when it's a quality piece of apparel that can be worn more than just in the workplace. If you want the apparel to see longer use, make sure it's a nice enough item that people will want to wear it after the obligatory group photo has been taken. Of course the big group photos with everybody wearing the same shirt are fun (and great for promoting your company), but you'll get more promotional value if people wear their logo apparel longer -- wearing their company tshirt at the gym, or throwing on their branded fleece to go to the supermarket. Why not let your people subtly promote the company to their friends and acquaintances while they're socializing and on the weekends? 

The Right Balance

A promotional shirt, jacket or hat is relatively straightforward to order, easy to distribute, well received, long lasting, and provides clear marketing benefit. The IRS even recognizes branded apparel as a tax-deductible business marketing expense! But don't wait until the end of your fiscal year to order. Plan on several different pieces throughout the year, and your employees will always have something new and fresh to present to the world, helping to keep your company top of mind and building brand awareness in the community. Contact us to learn more about how to select the right promotional clothing.

Jan 05

custom-work-shirtsThe new year is here. Why not start 2018 off right by changing things up around your place of business? Creating a professional dress code for your staff can have a profound effect on how smoothly your business runs, and custom work shirts are the perfect addition to any dress code. 

Wondering how custom work shirts could change the efficiency of your business is 2018? There are actually multiple ways your employee dress code can play into this.

Reign in Employee Focus — Employees who are distracted by what fellow staff members are wearing are less likely to be productive in the office or on the floor. Additionally, an employee who must carefully choose his or her outfit before heading to work is more likely to show up late. You can remove these problems by insisting every staff member wear the same custom work shirt.

Create a Sense of Unity — By requiring that your entire staff wear the same shirt, you can instill a sense of unity amongst your employees. This in turn promotes good teamwork, something that is crucial in many lines of business.

Increase Customer Satisfaction — Staff unity and focused employees are two things customers will notice the minute they begin interacting with your staff. Additionally, they will take note of the professionalism of the employees' clothing. Because of these things, and because a custom work uniform makes spotting employees much easier for the customer, you will likely see an increase in customer satisfaction after making the switch to custom work shirts.

There you have it: three very good reasons to order your custom shirts today and start the 2018 business year off on the right foot. Contact us right away to learn more about our offerings.