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Feb 22

If your church goes on a lot of outings or hosts any kind of event, custom t-shirt printing is a great way to pull your group together and advertise your church's name all at the same time. At EmbroidMe we have a free interactive online design tool that lets you design your t-shirts exactly how you want them.

Go Light or Dark

It's very easy to design just the t-shirt you want. If you choose a light color we can print almost any graphic for you. If you want darker t-shirts there is a minimum and a smaller range of graphics. Once you decide on your t-shirt color then pick your graphic, add your text and you will be off and running.

Why Choose Custom T-shirts?

Custom designed t-shirts are great for church outings and events. You can use them for so many things and innovative ways. Here are some of the benefits of everyone wearing the same t-shirt on a church group outing or at an event.

Keeping Track

If you are all in the same shirts the kids will be easier to find. And the kids will be able to find the adults easier as well. When it comes to rounding everyone up for lunch just hunt for your shirt.

 Promotes Unity For Your Church

 A strong sense of unity is necessary for any organization and especially so for a church. When you have custom made t-shirts you provide your group with a sense of unity. It makes everyone feel like a family. t-shirt-printing-church

 Great Advertisement

Are you looking for innovative ways to let others know about your church? Customized t-shirts are the perfect answer for this. You can put your church logo, address and phone number all on a t-shirt. When the church folks wear them while out and about it's free advertising. Have a special one made just for the pastor.

 Make Your Church Feel Special

Kids especially love a t-shirt designed just for them. If you have a kid's club have t-shirts made for the leaders and the kids. It's a great way to advertise your children's program. They also make great rewards for kids as well. Have the church name with Clubber of the Month embroidered on the front. If you add their name they will really feel special.

Promote Teamwork

If you are going to something like a teen event where there will be teams having customized t-shirts promotes teamwork. Your teens will stand out in a crowd. If you are hosting a ladies, teen or men's event at your church having the volunteers all wear the same color customized t-shirts will make sure guests know who to go to for help.

Great for Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is so much fun. Have a few of these shirts on hand to toss into the crowd as a prize. Have logos put on the front for teachers and leaders while your theme goes on the back. Every kid should have one of course. Customized ball caps are great for prizes for Vacation Bible School as well as pencils and cups. Create a gift basket with customized Vacation Bible School items as an award for earning the desired number of points during the week. Boys versus the girls in the offering race? Each team needs its own color t-shirt.

At EmbroidMe we can help you design the t-shirt that is perfect for your church. Or you can totally design it yourself. We want to make your next church outing or event a success. We can meet all your custom t-shirt needs so contact us today and see what we can do for you.

Packaging Makes Perfect

// posted by Cam Schultz

Feb 16

It has been said:

"A good example has twice the value of good advice."

So here ya' go...3 examples how custom packaging makes your logo product stand up and shout "We're different! We're special! And we care about you!"

custom-water-bottle-holder-packagingA Custom Bag Turns a Nice Handout Into a Stellar Gift

This type of bottle (pictured at right) is stylish, useful, and super hot right now. Definitely a good choice for many promotional gifting situations. But maybe you're not excited yet? Add a custom printed microfiber drawstring bag, and get the wow factor you're going for. Hubba hubba!

Box Mine Up and Make it a Double


Want to make an even bigger impression? Instead of a single bottle, make it a set, and add a gift box. Now opening this thing becomes an *event*!

At EmbroidMe (soon to be known as Fully Promoted) we offer these types of box sets, custom printed drawstring bags, and even completely custom created containers.




custom-book-boxesWhen a Box Isn't a Box

And here's something a little different: a box that looks like a book. The front and back cover and spine of the 'book' are custom printed with your artwork. When the recipient opens the 'book,' your gift - here the sunglasses - and printed collateral are packed inside. What a fun surprise!

Need more ideas? Contact us! Let's schedule a meeting to discuss your marketing needs. We will personalize a program for you and your budget.

Feb 09

Here's the scoop on Moleskine journals:

Their customizable journals come in a variety of different sizes, bindings, and type and amount of paper. Now that can seem a little daunting so let's narrow down the field of possibilities to come up with some meaningful options. At the low end, there are small, soft cover journals with fewer sheets of paper, and at the higher end are large, hard-bound journals with more sheets of paper. There are also premium offerings like journals that are 'smart' (written entries are automatically converted to digital format - these are ~$200) as well as gift sets of the 'regular' types of journals.

Here are the main parameters to consider:


  • Pocket size 3.5" x 5.5"

  • Large 5" x 8.25"

  • XL 7.5" x 10"

  • XXL 8.5" x 11"

Type of paper:

  • Ruled lines - all styles are available with ruled paper.

A few also have the option of...

  • Blank

  • Graph paper (squares)

  • Dots (on a grid)


Hardcover (traditional) vs softcover (more economical)


Most of the journals come in neutral colors - black is the most common, several also in navy, tan, and a few styles are available in several colors. If there is a strong preference for a specific color, say, red, we need to know that.

Here are a few popular options:

Pocket sized hard cover - 3.5" x 5.5" - 192 pages (96 ruled sheets) - ITEM #40710 - available in black or white, with the logo done in color or as a foil stamp, or debossed. ~$16 Expandable inner pocket on back cover.Moleskine-hard-cover



The large size hard cover - 5" x 8.25" - ITEM #48060 is most popular. It looks like the above - similar parameters but 240 pages (120 sheets) - and comes in several colors for ~$22



The journals can be dressed up considerably by replacing the Moleskine band with a custom band ($2.25) featuring the customer's artwork, a picture of their building, campus, or a group photo. Here are some examples.


The inside cover can also be custom printed on some styles:


Moleskines come individually shrink wrapped by default (which looks pretty nice 'as is'), or you can add a gift box for $4. Can further add value by pairing with a Moleskine pen ($12) which is designed specifically to click onto the side of the hardcover journals.


This 'Writer's Gift Set' packages a large notebook and a pocket-sized hardcover together in a gift box ~$36


At the more economical end of the spectrum are the softcover journals.

Large size soft cover - 5" x 8.25" - ITEM #40065 is the more popular of the soft covers - 80 pages (40 ruled sheets) - available in several colors, with the logo done in color or as a foil stamp. Flap pocket on inside back cover. ~$8.255-1-soft-cover-designMoleskine-soft-cover



Questions? Contact us! Not all styles are available in all sizes, with all types of paper, but if we can help you narrow down what's of interest, we can get more specific on pricing for the quantity, size, and features you're interested in. Looking for a more economical price range? Ask us about our non-name brand journals! We're happy to help!

Feb 02

custom-embriodered-hatsHats off to our custom embroidered hats!

Our cheer may be a bit redundant (and it doesn't rhyme) but it's heartfelt. Why?

From the boardroom to the back nine, hats work your brand. And boost morale. And ballyhoo accomplishments. In the past few months, our clients have ordered hats for a wide variety of reasons, including:

  • Fundraisers
  • Support for Athletic Booster Programs
  • New product launches
  • Keeping 401K enrollment periods "top" of mind
  • Safety initiatives
  • Sales contests

And while custom embroidered hats work as well for non-profit organizations as they do for for-profit companies, we'd like to point out an important point our corporate clients often consider in choosing whether their promotions will feature a hat, or say, a t-shirt, custom-printed towel, or other item:

Hats can buck the dress code.

Hats Are a Top Visibility Item

top-choice-embroidered-hatsIf your company has a buttoned-down demeanor, handing out t-shirts is sort of ... confusing. Can you wear it to the office? How about on casual Friday? Hm. Those t-shirts just might end up being worn only when your recipients are mowing the lawn, or walking the dog.

A hat, on the other hand (or more appropriately, on the head) is likely to offer better visibility. It can add a sporty touch to a well-ironed outfit, sit jauntily on a desk or cabinet top, even rep your brand while hanging on a coat rack.

And when it comes to custom embroidered hats, we're not limited to the familiar baseball style. All of our hats are high-quality, long-wearing types. And you have options, including branded visors, sun, bucket, and outback full-brim hats, providing excellent sun protection, as well as fleece and beanie styles.

To learn more about how high quality custom embroidered hats can give your company the top-notch visibility you want, contact us.