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Aug 23

Your wedding is the most personal event you will ever throw, and also the most focused on clothing. What the bride and groom wear may be center-stage, but your bridesmaids and groomsmen are what set the scene. The colors and styles your bridesmaids wear, the matching ties and boutineers of the men, and the special adornment worn by the honored parents are all part of the show. And the best part is that the lucky couple gets to decide how it all comes together.

Customization is the name of the game, from the cake and decor to the little guest favors, everything bears the initials and favorite colors of the bride and groom. The colors of the wedding run through every detail and this is usually how you decide what your wedding party will wear on your big day. But why stop there? For the trendy modern couple with a flair for fashion, you can spice up your entire wedding party with delightfully personal custom embroidery. And we'd love to tell you how.

Embroidered Jackets for the Groomsmen

You may not be used to seeing your guy friends dressed up to the nines, but if there's one thing the guys enjoy most about a wedding (other than the food) it's the amazing duds. Whether your wedding is black-tie, white-tie, or a laid-back semi-casual, your groomsmen should be arriving in style with matching jackets. But why not add a flair of personalization to the uniform?

Consider a T-Birds style embroidery on the back of each groomsman's jacket, something cool that mixes your formal wedding with that rocker flair you can't deny. You can embroider anything you and your spouse-to-be desire from your initials to the nicknames of the groomsmen themselves.

custom embroidery for your wedding

Add a little matching detail on the collar and pocket and you can bet your best guys will be popping collars and doing cool poses all night. Fantastic for the transition from the ceremony to the reception without a change of clothes.

Bridesmaids with Embroidered Shawls

Bridesmaid dresses are a little more complicated to embroider, though goodness knows brides and their retinues have figured out how. If your girls are wearing full-back dresses or full skirts, you can find all sorts of ways to add custom embroidery of their names, your initials, or a beautiful matching pattern. A skirt embroidery can create a mesmerizing pattern or message that flows from dress to dress.

However, for warm weather weddings with short skirts and lovely exposed shoulders, consider a set of beautifully embroidered shawls. This way, your girls can drape that awesome custom design any way they like or wave them festively in the air for the kiss and while dancing at the reception.

Parents of the Bride and Groom

Even your parents can join in the fun because embroidery, unlike a few other custom wedding trends, is welcoming to wedding party members of all ages. If your mothers decide to wear dress jackets, you might get the whole parent-party labeled by embroidering the backs father's suit jackets and the mother's dress jackets to match the bridesmaids and groomsmen. If they'd rather go with something more understated or unique, a little lapel, collar or even corsage band embroidery can be just the right touch.

Unbelievable Wedding Pictures

Of course, the best part of custom embroidery for your wedding party is the pictures you'll get from it. From the front, your wedding party will look beautifully formal, but when your besties jump around to reveal their rock-and-roll wedding embroidery, that's when the fun begins. With every one of your wedding party sporting a custom embroidery, you can create any style you want. They can wear their own names (helping distant relatives remember them) or even create a sign by sporting different words in a funny phrase or a phrase that means something special to you and your finance.

And when the reception comes around, you can bet those embroidered jackets and shawls are going to get some play on the dance floor.

If this sounds like the best wedding idea you've ever heard, talk to your fiance and wedding party about what they want to embroider. Together, you'll build the perfect matching-set of embroidery designs and when you do, contact us! We're ready to embroider absolutely anything.

People Love Customized Scrubs

// posted by Cam Schultz

Aug 09

There are roughly 34 licensed healthcare facilities in San Diego, and all of them will have medical personnel in scrubs. It's such a big part of the medical culture that a TV show about a hospital is named after them. With this ubiquity, it is tempting to order generic scrubs or get sloppy about their appearance. After all, no one cares if the equipment is decorated. However, scrubs are more than just equipment; it is part of your staff's identity. So why not create a customized design for your scrubs? You can have your staff vote on a logo or a font for their name which can then go on all of their scrubs. That way, not only will your scrubs be very chic and give everyone a little fun, but you will reap the following advantages.

Gets Employees Engaged

    A survey conducted by Bain discovered that people who got customized products were more engaged with companies than those who didn't. They stayed twice as long on the company's website and felt more loyal to the brand. This translates into our work environment, too. When we get specialized uniforms, we pay more attention to our work environment and get excited about our company's possibilities.

    And if you think about it, what your staff wears is an important part of their work environment. They bring it with them between nurse pods and offices. They will see the results of your customization every time they go to the bathroom at work. All this extra engagement will cut back on turnover and burnout in staff members, and give them the boost in morale that they need to see them through the long shifts they have to work.

customized scrubs

Cheers Up Patients

     Ever walk into a room, spot someone wearing a clever t-shirt, and immediately smile? We can't help it: play on words and beautiful artwork lifts our mood, making even serious business fun. And let's face it, some of your patients are nervous. They are about to receive life-altering news in some form, or they worry that some little symptom indicates the onset of cancer. Some patients get nervous just about hospitals and lab coats in general. These upset patients are not in a good position to handle what the doctors and nurses are telling them. Their internal voices are screaming, so all they hear is 'doom, blah blah, doom.' Then they can't hear what they need to do to recover. 

    But get patients smiling with charmingly customized scrubs, and even patients that are about to receive bad news will be in a better frame of mind. They will be able to absorb information and follow instructions better. 

Cements Your Brand

    Your facility has a lot of competition, and you want to do everything you can to reward patients who choose you over the other options. Unique scrubs add to the general impression that your facility is a good place to stay while you recover your health. This impression can spread, too. A lot of people tell stories about their hospital stays. Customized scrubs might get a mention when your recovered patient talks about her or his illness and hospital stay, and even if they don't get singled out, they comfortable atmosphere it contributed to will. Customized scrubs may feel like a little thing, but anything that highlights your place will make your facility memorable, thus encouraging more people to choose you.

     So here we have 3 good reasons to order customized scrubs for your staff. Fortunately, EmbroidMe has years of experience with customizing scrubs and can produce ones that everyone will love. If you are interested in getting the spiffiest scrubs you can for your facility, contact us.