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Sep 27

Here in San Diego, we are big on group activities. Large companies break their work into teams assigned to specialized projects, the Gaslamp district hosts the Zombie Walk, and the University of San Diego hosts a multitude of social clubs. That doesn't even touch Non-profit awareness-raising activities and the hubs of cultural and historical activities around the mission and Presidio Hill. 

       Naturally, many of these groups have a core of team leaders. They lead hikes, they arrange field trips, and they represent the group to the rest of the city. They take on a lot of responsibility, frequently for little remuneration, in order all our lives better. These fine people deserve to have their work bettered and a great way to do that is to give them customized embroidered shirts. How does this make their work better?

Team Cohesion

       Your team leaders form a group within a group, and their ability to pull together affects the ability of the larger group to do what they want. As an article in pointed out, making a group seem prestigious is a great way to build team cohesion. Marking your team leaders as doing something worthy with custom embroidered shirts gives them an extra boost of pride in what they are doing, pulling them together and making them more willing to cooperate in order to achieve goals.

Identification In The Crowd

        Possibly the first reason that you would need to give your team leaders a shirt specially made for them is that it identifies them to other people. Who do you ask for directions to the bathroom at Comic Con? The guy with his name embroidered on his shirt. Who should the media direct questions about your non-profit to? The gal with the name embroidered on her shirt. Who should you follow when you fall behind your group while hiking? Embroidered-shirt person. New members will be able to immediately identify who can answer their questions at a meeting, and outsiders will know who to voice their complaints to if the group gets too loud.

group of volunteers in matching shirts

Provides Recognition For A Job Well Done

        Team leaders make the team go, and the responsibility involved can be huge. You want to reward them for their efforts so they keep doing it. Fortunately, a new study cited in Psychology Today found that most people find recognition for their contributions more rewarding than money in providing satisfaction. In fact, Ken Comee of Badgeville CEO said that "Workers of all ages are motivated by...status-based recognition over tangible benefits." When you give your team leaders custom embroidered shirts, you are giving them status-based recognition, and that cannot help but give your leaders the warm fuzzies. People with the warm fuzzies are happy to keep contributing their time and effort to your group.

Gives Other Team Members Something To Strive For

       Differentiating the team leaders from the rest of the membership holds those big contributors out as something to admire and emulate. It's hard to find people willing to take on the extra work sometimes, but you can make that extra work seem reasonable if the people who do it are given a visible symbol of their increased status. Regular members will want to join the special in-group and apply to be leaders when the current leaders have to take time off for whatever reason.

       Once you have decided to help your team leaders out by providing them with custom embroidered shirts, you will want to find a reliable and skilled provider of those shirts. EmbroidMe San Diego can help you there. We have been embroidering for many years now and would love to help you, so contact us for further information.

Designing A T-Shirt To Attract Attention

// posted by Cam Schultz

Sep 13

Whether someone is interested in creating a t-shirt design for business or for personal reasons, knowing how to go about the process is a concern. Designing requires a bit of advance preparation, a splash of creativity, and the knowledge in how to position the design in a manner that attracts attention. Here are some tips to consider when getting started with a t-shirt design.

Know The Target Audience

Before starting the actual designing of a shirt, it is important to know exactly whose attention you wish to obtain when someone wears the clothing. What age group do you have a message for? Are you trying to sell a product or service? Do you have information to share with a specific group? Knowing what will attract attention from the desired targeted group helps with the creation of appropriate content to ensure the right people are seeing the finished product.

tshirt design on man

Consider The Shirt Colors

Many people purchase t-shirts in bulk when they intend on designing them to be worn by a group or sold to the public after the design work is completed. It is best to consider the colors of the shirts themselves before settling on a design to be printed upon them. If several colors of the shirt are being used, the design may require tweaking depending on the intensity of the colors being used. Using text and images in colors that are complementary to the color of a shirt is best so the information is seen without difficulty.

Get Creative With Information

Creativity is key when designing a shirt. If a shirt offers the same information as others being worn, or if the layout of the information is done in a sloppy or bland manner, getting positive attention is not as likely. If you do not have an idea in mind for a design layout, try some of the following tasks to help to boost creativity.

Ask Questions

Write down several questions pertaining to the information you want to get across to your target audience. For example, for a business wishing to promote a new product, sample questions include information such as:

  • What does the new product look like?
  • Is the product easy to use?
  • What size is the product?
  • How much does the product cost?
  • Will the product be beneficial to own?

After questions about the focus of the information being placed in a design are written out, answer each one of them. This information may trigger the brain to come up with an interesting and unique way to present the answers in the form of design and wording to the target audience.

Practice Mindfulness

Creativity is sparked when practicing the act of mindfulness. This is the process of being aware of your surroundings at all times, listening to people without distraction, and keeping preconceived notions out of the mix. Being open to new experiences opens the door to creative processes, perhaps helping you come up with an innovative design to incorporate onto shirts.

Dare To Be Different

Make it a priority to try activities outside of the norm on a routine basis. This will give new perspectives and experiences to contemplate. Try associating items that would never be paired together in normal activities and figure out a way to use each one of them together. Write down several words for items usually found in the home, for example, soap, fork, stuffed animal, necklace, remote control. Pick two words and think of a way to use the two items together to solve a task, make an activity, or give as a gift. This type of exercise will help someone work on their creativity so they can use it when doing a design for shirts.

Get Help From Programs

Computer programs are available to help with the designing process of apparel and other materials. Invest in a computer program and use it at your leisure to learn the functions it provides. Alternately, sign up for a computer class, either in a group or solo setting, or online. This will teach all aspects of a particular program, so each feature it has available is learned in full. As knowledge is obtained, practice several different designs and save them to come back to later when a better idea of exactly what type is needed is known.

Get Shirts Printed Professionally

Enlisting help from a business that does T-shirt printing ensures the end result is professional. They will assist with the selection of font styles, colors, and sizes, as well as give recommendations regarding the sizing and placement of logos, pictures, or intricate design work. Reach out and contact us to find out more today.