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Jun 28

While visibility is nice for any organization, it's an essential part of your mission when you're running a neighborhood watch group. Neighborhood watch groups are one of the most effective ways to reduce crime, and they have many other important benefits for a community. Promotional clothing and other products can be part of that success by giving you more visibility.

Speaking of success, San Diego has an especially impressive record. The San Diego City Council reports that there are more than 50 neighborhood watch groups in our area, and many news sources confirm that San Diego's crime rate is the lowest it has been in nearly 50 years, partly due to close ties between local authorities and community members.

If you want to get involved, here are some suggestions for buying and using promotional products, and other aspects of starting and maintaining a neighborhood watch group.

watch group promotional clothing custom

How to Use Promotional Clothing: You might want to purchase a variety of items including t-shirts and hats in both adult and children's sizes. Your individual mix may depend on what's popular and useful in your neighborhood. For example, if you're in one of the more pedestrian friendly areas in San Diego you might get hats or shirts for volunteers doing neighborhood walks. If you expect to do a lot of graffiti paint outs and clean-up events, you may prefer an ample supply of custom scrubs so people won't mind getting messy. Depending on your activities, it may also be appropriate to have logo goods available in English, Spanish, and other languages to make a positive and inclusive statement. Whatever happens, you'll have plenty of opportunities to use and display your clothing at your own meetings, block parties, and service projects, as well as recruitment and educational activities done in partnership with other neighborhood organizations.

How to Pay for Your Promotional Clothing: Local employers and small businesses may be willing to help cover expenses for many things including logo goods, especially if you offer them recognition for their contribution. That way you may be able to provide free items to motivate and thank your volunteers. You may also want to consider charging membership fees or selling promotional items to raise funds. In addition, you can find many helpful examples online of how other neighborhood watch groups are raising funds from traditional rummage sales to Go Fund Me campaigns. While fundraising isn't necessary, it may enable your group to be more active and accomplish more.

Online Presence: Naturally, many neighborhood watch groups have websites, Facebook pages or some other online presence these days. In addition to recruiting volunteers and offering your logo goods for sale, you can provide safety information and reminders about issues like keeping your alarm system turned on and being especially vigilant during the holidays.

Other Benefits: While security may be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a neighborhood watch group, the benefits extend much further. The greatest value may be in helping people to get to know their neighbors and feel connected. In addition to reducing burglaries, neighborhood watches can provide designated block parents and safe houses for local children, help lost pets find their way home, and provide a head start for organizing and responding to other crisis situations like natural disasters and medical issues. When you or a neighbor wear your logo products you could be sending an important message about how to find someone trained and available to help in an emergency.

At EmbroidMe San Diego, we are happy to assist you with any branded apparel or promotional items you and your neighborhood watch will need. Contact us today to discuss how you can use logo goods to raise awareness and promote your cause.

Jun 14

While all promotional clothing is valuable, some types of promotional clothing will work particularly well. Sometimes, companies just need to emphasize specific types of clothes, and they'll get a better reaction from the people who receive the promotional clothing. 

Promotional Clothing for Every Season

Many different types of promotional clothing will only be appropriate during certain seasons. 

stylish custom promotional clothing

Promotional clothing that can be worn in nearly all kinds of weather will be particularly popular. 

Customers have consistently favored clothes like these. For instance, many people will automatically purchase clothes that have built-in layers, because they'll think that they're getting a good deal.

These people will also know that they can get a lot of use out of clothes like this. Styles like this will be especially appealing to today's customers, who are interested in saving money and sustainable clothing design.

Promotional 3-in-1 jackets should be very successful as promotional clothing. People who get 3-in-1 jackets that they like will often wear them for most of the year, which is possible with outerwear like this. 

It should also be noted that promotional clothing should be more effective if it's practical for people to wear for most of the year. It means that people will spend even more time subtly displaying advertising the company's logo. This is something that all companies should keep in mind. 

Sensible Fashion

Some companies might think that people who care more about looking a certain way won't care about the versatility of a particular item of clothing. In fact, the opposite is sometimes true.

People who develop their own style will often wear clothes connected with that style all year. For instance, people who enjoy plaid flannel shirts will sometimes wear them even when it's warm outside. They'll love finding clothes associated with their chosen style that won't be impractical for them to wear whenever they want. 

Of course, people who don't particularly care about wearing any specific style will still love versatile clothes like 3-in-1 jackets. Many of these people favor clothing that's considered sensible, and 3-in-1 jackets certainly fall into that category. 

Companies should try to get a sense of the 3-in-1 jacket styles that are available. If they create promotional clothing like this, it should be loved by their audience members all year, regardless of how concerned they are with fashion in general.  

Popular Modern Clothing Styles

Companies that want to offer the most valuable promotional clothing should pay attention to modern fashion trends. For instance, clothes that have more of a vintage or traditional look have been everywhere for a while now. Lots of traditional clothing was appropriate for a wide range of different seasons, making it very sensible for most people, and making it efficient as promotional clothing.

Promotional clothing that has a very classic vibe to it, even if that effect is very subtle, should be very well-received by today's customers. Many modern fashion customers like large sweaters and turtlenecks, which were just as trendy late in the twentieth century.

They also like elegant shirts that have something of a tailored look to them. Vintage clothing from many time periods is in style today, and promotional clothing that takes advantage of these trends in some way should really be loved. 

Many companies should also be happy to note that promotional clothing is becoming trendy in its own right today. Shirts that feature graphics and logos have always been popular, but clothing like this is being much more heavily emphasized in modern fashion.

Companies can display their logos very prominently on their promotional clothing today since it's the sort of thing that many modern fashion consumers like. They want their clothing to be distinctive. A shirt with a logo can be more interesting than a shirt that's completely unadorned. Many modern fashion consumers will wear promotional clothing very enthusiastically, making it even more effective in the process. 

Contact us to investigate these products further.

May 24

Every Saturday morning, millions of Americans climb out of bed and eagerly head out to garage sales. These intrepid hunters seek treasures considered trash by some, but there is no doubt about the tremendous popularity and draw of these events.

That's why garage sales, also known variously as rummage sales, yard sales, tag sales, white elephant sales and estate sales, are among the most-effective, visible fundraiser options for organizations. The overhead costs associated with garage sales are often next to nothing, especially considering the stock for sale is usually donated, and volunteers make up the willing workforce.

That's why purchasing custom-made, screen printed shirts is well-worth the small investment. Below are four reasons why getting shirts for your faithful crew of volunteers will take your fundraiser garage sale to the next level.

Lets Customers Know Who Can Help Them

No doubt you have noticed that employees at grocery and general merchandise stores wear uniforms of some kind. In fact, most persons who work with the general public in a sales or service capacity wear some type of identifying garment.

That's a huge benefit to the general public, especially for those who need assistance with finding a product or help with other issues. You can duplicate that benefit for your garage sale customers by getting custom tee shirts for your volunteer staff.

screen printed shirts and community yard sales

Tee shirts with lettering, logos and uniform colors, especially bright, cheerful hues, will serve to alert customers who might ask for pricing information or need help with loading heavy goods. Name tags alone are too small to provide the splash you want, but screen printed shirts are readily visible. You can build a lot of goodwill among shoppers when you let them know you are ready and willing to help.

Improves Event Organization and Management

Large events, such as a community-style garage sale, can make organization and planning a real challenge. That's where custom printed tee shirts can improve things immeasurably.

By having volunteers wear matching tee shirts, you will immediately be able to recognize your crew from a distance and know who is doing what at a moment's notice. This will prevent a lot of fruitless and frantic searching around a crowded sales site and save you time when you need to find someone.

In addition, you can go a step further and use color schemes to help identify various roles. For example, you may want to provide cashiers with lime green shirts and your loading crew with red shirts. The specifics are really up to you, but color-coding staff will help make your sale go more smoothly from a management perspective.

Increases Event Security

In today's environment, security and safety are "must haves", and you can't afford to let your guard down at a large, community garage sale. Providing volunteers with event tee shirts can help increase security levels on several levels.

First, any would-be criminals will be immediately alerted to the fact that staff are in close proximity and are watching their activity. This can discourage the bad guys from attempting anything that might compromise the security of the sale.

Second, customers can also know how to get help quickly in case something unforeseen happens. For example, if there is a medical emergency, it is comforting to know that a volunteer can be quickly located so an ambulance can be called.

Doubles as a "Thank You" to Volunteers

Last, but not least, custom screen printed shirts are a great way to tell your volunteers, "thank you." Shirts provide a tangible reward for those who make your sale possible, and they also are lasting reminders of the hard work and dedication involved. You can bet that a tee shirt will be a much-appreciated token of your esteem for a job well-done.

If you are looking for screen printed tee shirts or any other type of custom apparel, be sure to contact EmbroidMe San Diego today. We are your "go-to" custom apparel company and can provide what you need to help make your event a huge success.

May 17

Going on a mission trip is one of the most exciting and enlightening experiences anyone can embark on. Leaving your comfort zone, learning new skills, and doing something that really matters are important parts of your spiritual life, but none of that can happen without a lot of planning ahead of time. In fact, one of the most difficult parts of planning, organizing, and running a successful mission trip is keeping everyone together and bringing them back together after splitting up into smaller teams. The more crowded your airports, bus stations, and local streets are along the way, the harder it is to keep track of your group.

Keeping Track of Your Mission Trip Members

The further you take your mission trip from home, whether you're going across the state or across the world, the more important it is to make sure that no one gets lost or separated in a place they're unfamiliar with. This is especially important for youth group mission trips no matter what distance you travel. You can use a variety of tools and technologies to track group members but the best approach is good old-fashioned line-of-sight. If you can see every member of your group, you can regather them easily.

How do you keep track of everyone even in a bustling crowd? The key is to make every member of your group visually distinctive and easy to identify as one of your teammates. 

mission trip custom embroidered shirts hats

Bright Custom Embroidered Shirts

Mission trip groups have been figuring out how to stay together during travel for decades, likely much longer, and distinctively colored matching clothing has always been one of the best ways to quickly visually identify every member of the group and fetch them from wherever they might have wandered off to. Rather than trying to wear all the same color and winding up with eighteen different shades of 'bright blue' that will still blend with the crowd, your best approach is to get your trip group a set of matching custom shirts.

If your mission trip has a logo, title, theme, or mission statement that you've been using throughout the planning and fundraising phases, this is the perfect opportunity to keep on running with your theme by emblazoning it on your shirts. If you don't have a logo or a few important words assigned to your trip, go with the name of the church or work together as a group to design the shirts you all want to wear. By choosing a solid-color shirt with a modest embroidered image, you can all travel as a matching group while remaining semi-formal and respectful of the people you meet and your hosts at the trip destination.

Matching Travel Hats

When on a mission trip, there will be a lot of instances where hats should be removed. In sister churches, visiting host families, and showing respect for the things that matter to others. However, when you're walking together outside, moving through a busy airport, or taking a crowded bus, nothing makes it easier to identify each other like distinctive and matching hats. Brightly colored hats can allow you to identify stray members of the flock even in very tightly packed situations where shirts can be hard to spot.

If your mission is taking place outside, like building houses or digging wells, baseball caps, bucket hats or even stylish wide-brimmed hats to keep the sun off. If you're going somewhere cold, it might be more appropriate to get a set of matching soft beanies instead to keep everyone's heads and ears warm while simultaneously making them much easier to spot. Hats can also be embroidered with the mission trip or church logo, bringing greater unity to the group and making them more identifiable.

Planning a successful mission trip is all about looking into the future and determining where you will need preparation before you depart. By planning to make everyone easy to spot in a crowd with custom matching shirts and/or hats, you can significantly reduce the hassle and worry of moving in a group through crowded environments. To discuss the right custom shirt options for your group or for more great ideas making your group distinctive in a busy airport, contact us today!

Promotion with Custom T-shirts

// posted by Cam Schultz

Apr 18

The great thing about promotional custom t-shirts is that once they're given out or sold, they keep marketing your product passively for as long as the people continue to wear them. People will often take t-shirts that you hand out, and they will even buy them under many different circumstances as well. Here are a few surprisingly powerful ways you can use shirts to promote your business.

Free T-shirts are Like a Drug

If you can in any way, at any time, convince someone that you will be giving them a t-shirt that can be construed as "free," then this it's hard to overstate the kind of pull this has on people. Even if you do it in a way that's as efficient for your business as possible, it will help. For example, you could make it so that you give out the shirt only when customers decide to sign on to a newsletter or reach a certain milestone in purchases or decide to join some yearly subscription.

If people think that they're getting something for free, they will often go out of their way to make sure that this is what happens.  And then at that point, you have free advertising going forward.


People Go Crazy for Contests

Another way you can give out shirts that won't break the bank and will make it so that you are making the best use of all resources available to you is giving out a shirt in a contest. That way, you get the best of both ends, basically. Giveaways can generate a ton of publicity pretty much regardless of their scale.

Nothing makes people's ears perk up quite as fast as "giveaway contest." It's just baked into human nature. We're hardwired to look for deals. You can share these kinds of contests just about anywhere you want, as well. Or, even better, you can share them absolutely everywhere.  Meaning, you can share them on Twitter, on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere else that you want, depending on what your product is.

That's one side of it. The other side of it is that once you've spent the money on a shirt to give away, promoting your product or service while doing so, the shirt itself can have your brand logo and message, and it will be a walking billboard from then on out. The more you do this, the more that you'll benefit from it. Plus, everything will synergize because, if you keep doing these contests on a regular basis, both the shirt and the person who received the shirt will end up being a sort of free passive marketer for you.

Plus, this person will likely sing your praises because of their experience. They'll also often talk about the giveaways with their friends and acquaintances, long after the last contest they were involved in is over. This will go round and round and add up to a lot of extra traffic for you.

Don't Forget the Special Events

Another important thing to consider is that you can make shirts specifically for certain events. So, if you're doing something promotional for a particular event your company is running, you can create a shirt to commemorate it, and this can be its own kind of promotion. This helps because people often feel a sense of pride about going to just about anything. Even if it might not seem like people would be highly excited about a particular event, you might be surprised about how those shirts might move and how promotional they can be for the event and for your company both before and after.

For more information about using promotional custom t-shirts to market your business far and wide, please make sure you contact us today.

Apr 11

Vacation Bible School is a great activity that many churches throughout the San Diego area. You want your VBS to stand out and be one that has the kids coming back for more. Incorporating promotional clothing and other items into your VBS theme can be that extra special something that says WOW. Here are some ideas that can help get your started planning now for summer Vacation Bible School fun.

Custom T-shirts

T-shirts are inexpensive and fantastic for all ages. You can customize them with your VBS theme. Most VBS publications have clipart and logos you can purchase and then use on things like t-shirts and we can do that. There are many ways to use promotional t-shirts in your VBS. Each class can have their own color t-shirt. If you divide up into teams your team colors would be a great place to start. You may be on a limited budget and unable to provide shirts for each child consider having them made for the leaders.

Customized products for VBS

Embroidered Shirts

Embroidered shirts, such as polo shirts, are very professional looking. Everyone will know who the staff and teachers are during VBS with customized shirts. The pastor needs one of course. Providing the teachers with personalized shirts will make them feel special and provide a sense of unity.

Customized Hats

Hats can be just plain fun and everyone likes them. They can be used in so many ways during VBS. Personalized embroidered hats can be used in place of t-shirts to mark teams, classes or other groups. Leaders can have one type of customized hats and kids another. Hats can be used to pin awards on as well. Let the kids work towards earning a hat embroidered with their name. It makes for one awesome prize. You can use hats to identify staff too. We can put names, position, or logos on a hat. Whatever is needed to meet your Vacation Bible School needs.

Customized Fun

Whatever your VBS theme - from space to the jungle - having customized items on hand to enhance the theme is always fun. Coordinating pencils with your church's name or the VBS theme printed on them is one idea. Kids love this type of thing. Plastic cups with your information are a great way to add to your VBS and have your church's name in the home long after VBS is over.

Custom printed bags are a great way to keep kids organized during the week. They can use them to carry their Bible, activity sheets and whatever they make back and forth. No loose papers lying around the church. Have bigger bags custom printed with the theme name and the teacher's name and help them to stay organized as well.

Awards & Prizes

Last but not least any of these items would make great prizes. Roll up t-shirts and put a rubber band around them and toss them into the crowd. Fill a cup with candy or other small goodies and hand out with participation certificates on the last day. Pass out pencils one day for attending or bringing a friend. Offer a customized, personalized shirt as a prize for the boy and girl with the most points as an award. Small things like pencils, bookmarks, and rubber balls make great game prizes as well. Oh, while we are thinking about it customized bandanas are great for keeping teams on track!

Start Your VBS With A Bang!

No matter what your Vacation Bible School theme or your church's size promotional clothing and customized products can add spark and delight. We will be happy to meet with you and determine your needs and help work within your budget. Give us a call today. Stand out this year with a bang amongst all the VBS activities taking place in San Diego.

Mar 22

Family reunions are an important thing for families to do every now and then. Especially if your family is spread throughout the country or the world, hosting an event for the sole purpose of reuniting family is essential. Perhaps some members will meet others they have never met before. Maybe you will find out you have something in common with a distant family member and you will become closer. Maybe everyone will get one last chance to honor a family member that is getting older and may not be around for much longer. The possibilities are endless.

One way to make a family reunion extra special is by ordering custom logo t-shirts for family members to wear during the event. Ordering custom printed tshirts is easy with EmbroidMe San Diego. We are a local San Diego business that does all sorts of screen printing and embroidery for businesses and individuals. 


How to Order Logo Tshirts

  1. Browse our catalog of t-shirts so you can pick the best style and color for the family.
  2. Play with clip art, hire a graphic designer, or if you have someone that likes to draw in your family he or she can make a sketch on the back of a napkin to come up with something great. We'll work with whatever you've got.
  3. If you aren't sure about the design or want our opinion on the size of the logo or style, we are happy to offer our expertise. Just contact us and we would love to help.
  4. We'll help you choose the right shirts to set off your artwork, and make sure your group gets noticed. We'll give you a firm price, then you, order and sit back and let us do all the work. .
  5. Wear your logo t-shirts with pride during the reunion and after!

The Benefits of Logo T-shirts for Reunions

There are a lot of benefits to creating logo t-shirts for family reunions. The first one being—it's just fun! A family reunion is a memorable event and custom shirts just add to the fun. Shirts also give people something to remember the event by, like a party favor. You could even have every family member sign the back of each shirt with a permanent marker to enhance the memory. 

Another thing that is important to do at family reunions is taking the opportunity to get professional photographs of everyone together. This could be a fun time to wear the shirts if you want everyone to match. If you are planning a family reunion in San Diego, here are the top-rated family photographers in the area according to Yelp. If you want to shop for a deal on photography services, check out these photographers that offer deals on the San Diego Groupon. Once you find a photographer, you can capture photos of your family as a whole, in smaller family groups, all the grandkids with the grandparents, and so on.

More Information About Custom Tees

If you have more questions about creating logo t-shirts for a family reunion, here is a question we get asked frequently. Some people want to know if screen printing or embroidery is the better option for your custom tees. Check out this blog post on our website to learn more about these processes. In general, screen printing versus embroidery is determined by the colors you want to use for the shirts and the logo, as well as the size you want for the logo. At EmbroidMe San Diego, we can help you figure out the most cost effective way to create logo t-shirts based on your vision.

So if you have a family reunion on the calendar for sometime this year, make sure you give yourself time to create custom tees for the event. You will have a great time handing them out, snapping pictures of people wearing them, and giving everyone something personalized they can take home with them.

Brand Your Practice With Custom Scrubs

// posted by Cam Schultz

Mar 16

Scrubs are one of the most practical types of clothing ever invented. They fit just about everyone, they are durable and they're comfortable. And there's no reason that scrubs have to be boring. In fact, custom scrubs can be used to show off the style of your organization as well as to help with branding.

custom-scrubs-for-brandingModern Style

These days, scrubs come in many styles, colors and patterns, with coordinating tops, bottoms, jackets and footwear in both ladies and mens sizes. Embellish the design of your choice with your practice's or health system's logo, and add personalization with the names and positions of employees. Good looking, color-coordinated scrubs that sport your company's branding not only look professional to your patients, but actually help people get a better impression and even remember the name of your practice just a little bit better. This of course helps build the positive reputation and referrals every growing business needs.

Create Company Unity

When your employees dress in coordinated scrubs, their similar outfits reinforce a sense of team cohesion. When the scrubs are a custom design with your company logo and other style elements, it creates an even stronger sense of community among those who wear them. Just think of the new hire, and how much it will help them to feel 'they're in,' when you give them their own set of scrubs, and say, "Welcome to the team."

Dressed to Impress

Patients gain a measure of extra reassurance when they see a well-run office, with staff dressed in coordinating scrubs. It reinforces the message that they've placed themselves in the hand of a cohesive team. Your employees will take an extra bit of pride in their workplace, and it makes getting ready for work a little bit easier as well -- no more picking the perfect outfit. We know some practices that have designated a certain color of scrub to be worn each day of the week, and others that just provide one color and style to be worn at all times. Either way, the coordinated look adds professionalism, helps your staff feel more a part of the team, and lets the public know right away who is an employee.

If you'd like help choosing custom scrubs and embellishing with your logo and personalization, just contact us -- we're happy to help.

Custom Embroidery for Your Catering Team

// posted by Cam Schultz

Mar 08

The start of wedding season is just around the corner, and for many San Diego catering teams this means busy season is about to begin. This is wonderful news for these businesses. After all, everyone likes to have money coming in. However, if you are in charge of a local catering team, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the preparations that must be taken care of. 

One of the preparations that is most often lost in the mix is making sure your team has high quality, custom embroidered uniforms. If you have uniforms already, this may feel like an unnecessary task that only adds to an already outrageous to-do list. However, it may be more important than you think. 

Here are the top 5 reasons you may want to consider custom embroidered uniforms for your catering team this season. 

Professional Look

First and foremost, custom embroidered uniforms just look sharp. They show clients that you care enough about your business to make a large investment in the appearance of your crew. An embroidered uniform is a great way to help party guests quickly identify your staff, and give off a professional appearance that everyone hopes to see in a catering crew. 


Fewer Worries

If your team usually wears personal clothing to work, you've probably noticed a couple of different problems. For starters, you may find yourself in a constant state of worry before a gig. After all, a crew member with the freedom to pick an outfit from their own closet could easily choose something you deem unacceptable.

A second issue is the worry that your team members may experience as they serve up food wearing their own personal items of clothing. Nobody wants to spill marinara on their best dress, and that's something that could easily occur when working in food service. 


Obviously, removing worry from the minds of your staff will make them more comfortable mentally. However, new uniforms could also make them more comfortable physically. The shirts, pants, and other clothing items offered by EmbroidMe San Diego are of the utmost quality, meaning they are very comfortable and easy to work in. Don't see something that'll work for your team? We are happy to embroider items you bring in yourself as well. 

Fresh and Clean

As you know, a professional appearance is highly important. Especially for those who will be serving food to guests. Unfortunately, it's all too easy to end up with a set of stained catering uniforms that look grubby and unattractive. A new set of custom embroidered uniforms would mean a fresh look for everyone. Additionally, because we only use high quality, easy to clean products, and because embroidery holds up very well, your uniforms will look great for a long time to come. 

Team Pride

In order to ensure you're receiving the very best from your catering crew, it's a good idea to do what you can to instill a sense of team pride in each and every one of your members. This can be difficult to do, but is well worth the extra effort. Some simple changes you can make include encouraging your team verbally as individuals and as a group, signing your team up for cooking competitions, and holding special events for your crew members such as cooking workshops and parties. Finally, custom embroidered uniforms are another simple, yet effective way to help your staff feel proud to be on your catering team. 

There you have it! 5 fabulous reasons to invest in a set of custom embroidered, high quality uniforms for your San Diego area catering team. Better get started now before the busy season rolls around. Contact us today to get the ball rolling right away.

Feb 22

If your church goes on a lot of outings or hosts any kind of event, custom t-shirt printing is a great way to pull your group together and advertise your church's name all at the same time. At EmbroidMe we have a free interactive online design tool that lets you design your t-shirts exactly how you want them.

Go Light or Dark

It's very easy to design just the t-shirt you want. If you choose a light color we can print almost any graphic for you. If you want darker t-shirts there is a minimum and a smaller range of graphics. Once you decide on your t-shirt color then pick your graphic, add your text and you will be off and running.

Why Choose Custom T-shirts?

Custom designed t-shirts are great for church outings and events. You can use them for so many things and innovative ways. Here are some of the benefits of everyone wearing the same t-shirt on a church group outing or at an event.

Keeping Track

If you are all in the same shirts the kids will be easier to find. And the kids will be able to find the adults easier as well. When it comes to rounding everyone up for lunch just hunt for your shirt.

 Promotes Unity For Your Church

 A strong sense of unity is necessary for any organization and especially so for a church. When you have custom made t-shirts you provide your group with a sense of unity. It makes everyone feel like a family. t-shirt-printing-church

 Great Advertisement

Are you looking for innovative ways to let others know about your church? Customized t-shirts are the perfect answer for this. You can put your church logo, address and phone number all on a t-shirt. When the church folks wear them while out and about it's free advertising. Have a special one made just for the pastor.

 Make Your Church Feel Special

Kids especially love a t-shirt designed just for them. If you have a kid's club have t-shirts made for the leaders and the kids. It's a great way to advertise your children's program. They also make great rewards for kids as well. Have the church name with Clubber of the Month embroidered on the front. If you add their name they will really feel special.

Promote Teamwork

If you are going to something like a teen event where there will be teams having customized t-shirts promotes teamwork. Your teens will stand out in a crowd. If you are hosting a ladies, teen or men's event at your church having the volunteers all wear the same color customized t-shirts will make sure guests know who to go to for help.

Great for Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School is so much fun. Have a few of these shirts on hand to toss into the crowd as a prize. Have logos put on the front for teachers and leaders while your theme goes on the back. Every kid should have one of course. Customized ball caps are great for prizes for Vacation Bible School as well as pencils and cups. Create a gift basket with customized Vacation Bible School items as an award for earning the desired number of points during the week. Boys versus the girls in the offering race? Each team needs its own color t-shirt.

At EmbroidMe we can help you design the t-shirt that is perfect for your church. Or you can totally design it yourself. We want to make your next church outing or event a success. We can meet all your custom t-shirt needs so contact us today and see what we can do for you.