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Dec 08

non-traditional-giftThe holiday season is in full swing, and it is high time you put those greeting cards in the mail. That said, writing little notes in each and every card takes time, and it's likely those cards will all be thrown out next month anyway.

Fortunately, there are other options. If you want to send holiday greetings to your family and friends, but don't want to waste energy and paper sending cards you know they won't keep, you might want to consider some less traditional options.

Here are 4 non-card items you can send in the mail to greet your loved ones. Best of all, each of these options offers the recipient a small gift that is a bit more useful than a card while still getting your "Happy Holidays" message across.

Tote Bags — These lightweight bags are easy to stick in the mail. They can be customized with your embroidered holiday message, and are useful for carrying books, lunches, and other items after the holidays have ended.

Keychain Flashlights — Flashlights are always useful to have on hand, making this keychain flashlight a fun yet practical gift your friends are sure to love. Add a short message to remind them of your love year-round.

Refrigerator Magnets — Add a family photo or a fun bit of art to one of these magnets and offer your friends and family members a great way to remember the joy of the holidays through the year.

flashlight-holiday-productCalendar — Because the holidays mark the end of the year, it will soon be time to change wall calendars. Make sure your family and friends are prepared by sending out wall calendars in place of greeting cards this year.

These items are the perfect solution to your holiday greeting dilemmas.

Want to learn more about the fantastic customized products we offer? Please contact us with your questions, and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. 

Custom Hat Embroidery and Meetup Groups

// posted by Cam Schultz

Dec 01

The Popularity of Meetup Groups


It's common for a lot of people today to find friends through meetup groups. People will sign up for various meetups online, and then they'll get together with members of those groups in person. This setup can make all the difference in the world for individuals who have a hard time meeting people. 

Staying Connected

One of the hardest parts of running a meetup group is getting everyone together and making sure that there is a degree of group cohesion. When people are going to an event associated with a particular meetup group for the first time, they might not even be able to find the group initially. 

People don't always look like the pictures that they post online. New members might not recognize current members in person if they've only seen pictures of them online. Ideally, the current members would be able to identify themselves in some other way. Custom hat embroidery is a strategy that they could use. 

Establishing a Group

custom-hatIf the leader of the meetup was wearing a hat that was made for that meetup specifically, new members would be able to locate the leader in public fairly easily. Giving everyone the opportunity to take advantage of the same custom hat embroidery could also make a huge difference even after the initial meeting. 

A lot of meetup groups don't stay together very easily. People end up skipping too many meetings to really establish friendships with anyone. Some members won't stay for very long. Trying to create something of a group identity can help. Groups that try to establish themselves through symbols and shared iconography might be more likely to stay together. Custom hat embroidery can be part of the picture. 

Contact us for more information on the subject.

Nov 24

This is the perfect time of year for homeschool groups to get out into the world, make a difference, and learn something new. Whether your group is looking to sing for the elderly at a local nursing home, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or decorate trees for the nearby children's hospital, your students are sure to find the experience very fulfilling. 

That said, none of those great experiences could happen without the adults in charge. After all, they are the ones doing all of the scheduling and driving. They are also the ones deciding what the kids will wear, something they may have thought very little about in the past. However, it might be something to put some thought into. 

custom-t-shirtsWhile most homeschool groups would probably stick to street clothes for gatherings such as these, there is something to be said for putting the students in matching custom t-shirts. Here are 3 great reasons to order custom shirts for you homeschool group this winter.


One of the most important jobs of a homeschool group is to bring kids together to learn team work and socialize with peers. By purchasing custom t-shirts for your group, you instill a sense of comradery amongst the members that may not have been there otherwise. The shirts help the group feel like a team, and that can go a long way in encouraging young people to cooperate with one another. 

Easy to Spot

Heading out into a public place with a large group of kids can be stressful for the adults in charge. After all, losing a child would be a terrible thing. Fortunately, matching shirts can help solve this problem by making it easy to spot a stray student should anyone wander away. 

Put Together Appearance

Matching t-shirts help give your group a professional appearance that is sure to put managers and event organizers at ease. This put together appearance gives the perfect first impression no matter where you plan on taking your group.

Ready to order your custom t-shirts? We'd love to help! Please contact us here at EmbroidMe San Diego today.

Create Team Unity with Shirt Embroidery

// posted by Cam Schultz

Nov 17

Whether you run a small business, a non-profit, work for a university, or a large business, there is a place for shirt embroidery in your business. EmbroidMe San Diego offers embroidery services on shirts, hats, bags, and more. Here are a few ways embroidered shirts can enhance your team.

embroidered-shirtsTeam Unity

It doesn't matter if your team wears t-shirts, tanks, polos, or dress shirts—your team will be unified when you get your company logo embroidered on their shirts. When everyone has the same shirt, or even different styles of shirts with the same logo, it shows your team as well as anyone from the outside that you are a cohesive group all working for the same cause.


Public perception of a business or organization is a very important factor in how successful that organization or business can be. Embroidered shirts present a polished and prepared team that will come across as more trustworthy to your potential clients or partners.

Setting a High Standard

Having a uniform appearance among a staff sets a standard of excellence when it comes to arriving at work prepared. There can be no ambiguity on dress code when you provide your staff with a shirt to wear to work each day. 

Creating team unity, presenting the team with professionalism, and setting a high standard for the team's appearance are all benefits you can reap from shirt embroidery. For more information on embroidery or the other services we offer, contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego today.

4 Ways Custom Uniforms Make Lives Easier

// posted by Cam Schultz

Nov 10

Whether you're a business owner considering uniforms for employees or a private school principal thinking about making the switch to uniforms for students, you are likely feeling a bit overwhelmed trying to sort out the options. After all, you want what is best for your employees or students, but it's very difficult to figure out exactly what that is. With pressure to change things coming from one side, and push back from those who don't like the idea of uniforms coming from the other, you may be feeling a bit squished. 

embroidered-uniformsWhile uniforms aren't a perfect solution to all of your problems, we do firmly believe they have some serious benefits. One of the biggest being that they make day-to-day life easier for all involved. Here are 4 ways a simple set of clothing can do this. 

Fewer Decisions

There are few things more stressful than getting ready in the morning and realizing you don't have any matching clothes clean. This becomes even more upsetting when it is important that you look good that particular day. Uniforms remove this issue for all employees and students by ensuring nearly everything in their wardrobe matches. 

A Decrease in Late Days

Because everything in the student or employees wardrobe is matching, you can count on fewer late days. You see, less time will be spent picking out outfits and dressing each day, meaning your staff and student body will be much more likely to arrive on time and ready to focus.  

Easy Laundry

If a person is wearing items of the same color and fabric type almost every day, his or her laundry will be much easier to take care of. Dry cleaning will be a thing of the past, and hang to dry items will probably not be a part of most laundry days. Additionally, everything will be the same color, meaning it can all be tossed in the wash together. 

Always Professional

As a person in charge, you may feel worried any time a higher up person or a potential customer comes in to check out the place. What if your employees wear something offensive or your students don't dress in decent clothing? How will that reflect on your establishment? With uniforms, you no longer have to worry about such things. 

Are you ready to order your own custom embroidered uniforms for your school or business? Please contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego to find out how to get started. 

Nov 03

Promotional items are a great way to increase brand awareness and recognition. Here are a few tips for promoting your business with branded items.


Target the Right People

Which items you should choose depends on your business. Go for items that will be used by people interested in your niche and at a time when your product can be used. For example, if you own a coffee shop, giving out branded coffee mugs makes more sense than, say, branded corkscrews.

Choose a Catchy Slogan

Your logo appears on the promotional products so that when people use the item, they see your logo and think of you. To be even more engaging, consider adding a catchy phrase or slogan. A play on 'caffeinated and motivated' printed on those coffee mugs will make them extra appealing to coffee lovers. 

Get Something That's Evergreen

Seasonal items have their place, especially if you own a seasonal business. However, evergreen items that can be used again and again are extra useful because extras can be used right away, and throughout the year. Avoid the holiday sentiments and stick with your logo colors, and there is no need to store those leftover red and green christmas tree mugs away until the holidays roll around again. 

Have a Variety of Items

promotional-productsIt's a good idea is to have more than one promotional branded item. Mixing and matching is fun for your customers -- let them choose which one to take. This way, they choose something that they like and are more likely to keep and use. You'll also find it's easier to use swag effectively the more of it you have. You'll find ways to use it, get the hang of it, and discover that certain types of products more effective than others for your demographic. 

Need some guidance on picking out some great products to promote your business? Just ask. To get the perfect branded products for your business, contact us today!

Oct 27

If you're trying to boost employee engagement, meaningful activities and appreciative gestures often have more impact than pay increases. Here's how an employee volunteer program involving custom t-shirts can help.

custom-volunteer-shirtsBenefits of Having an Employee Volunteer Program: One effective way to engage employees is to integrate them into your corporate giving with volunteer opportunities, especially when they have a voice in picking which charities to support. While the most obvious examples of this practice may be construction and technology companies pitching in after natural disasters, there are many everyday situations where you can bring employees together to promote worthy causes, and help them feel good about where they work. In fact, the values statements that many companies adopt can backfire if they seem like empty rhetoric. Community service puts your principles into action, and may help you attract and retain top performers.

How to Use Your Custom T Shirts: Providing company t shirts to wear during volunteer projects helps to encourage teamwork. People feel united, and the change of clothes shifts their mindset from the office to the wider world. As an added advantage, it also provides positive visibility for your company, and makes it easy to capture compelling images for your website, social media and other channels.

Other Suggestions: If you’re trying to get your employee volunteer program off the ground, there are some steps that will make it easier. If possible, schedule projects during office hours or give your employees paid time off to participate. If you have limited resources for coordinating such activities, stick to simple events. Plan half day outings to local charities that excel at putting volunteers to work like food pantries and public libraries.

Give back to your community and increase employee engagement with a strong employee volunteer program. For t shirts and other custom products that you can use as incentives, contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego. Our product experts will help you find the best options to fulfill your needs.

Oct 20

halloween-promo-bagsOctober is here, and that means its time for ghosts, zombies, and plenty of Halloween fun. If you have a small business, you may be looking for great ways to promote your services during this spooky time while also adding to the excitement of the season.

One fantastic way to go about this is through the use of custom promotional treat-or-treat bags. Here are a few benefits to having custom printed treatbags or even just a handful of special embroidered Halloween-themed bags made for the holiday.

Walking Advertisement

Of course, the best thing about promotional products is the fact that they offer tons of long term advertising and are seen by lots of eyeballs. When you hand out promotional trick-or-treat bags, you can count on getting tons of free advertisement on Halloween night as well as any time the bag gets used throughout the rest of the year.

custom-company-bagPossible Sales

If you have a retail location that offers Halloween products for sale, a high quality attractive trick-or-treat bags will fly off the shelves this time of year. After all, every kid is going to need something to hold their candy, and if you are offering a durable and adorable solution, parents will be thrilled to pick one up. For this use, we recommend making the main focus a cute piece of Halloween themed art that kids will love, keeping your company name and logo less prominently toward the bottom of the bag.

Great Giveaway

In addition to being a great seasonal item, these bags also make perfect party prizes or giveaways. If you are organizing a Halloween party for your company, be sure to order plenty. The bags can be filled with treats and used as raffle prizes, handed out to lucky winners as game prizes, or simply give one to every kid (or adult!) that shows up in costume. Think about incorporating a promotional message (often safety related) into the artwork on the bag.

Are you ready to have some custom trick-or-treat bags made for your business? Please contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego so we can help you get started.

Another Look at Custom Embroidery Shops

// posted by Cam Schultz

Oct 13

Embroidery as a craft industry:

embroidery-shop-sampleThe slow, delicate craft of embroidery has been part of civilization since ancient times. The word "embroidery" came from the French word for "edge," since it referred to the decorative stitched borders on medieval church vestments that were wrought by hand. The word "embroidery" gradually extended to stitched decoration on fabric as well as on leather and paper.

Mechanization of the craft:

In the 1800s, French inventors, Duncan, Heilmann, Bonnaz, and Cornely invented semi-mechanical embroidery silk fabric machines. These modified sewing machines gradually enabled the bulk production of decorative embroidered fabric designs. Although machine stitching made the production of embroidered designs more efficient, they were still fundamentally designed on the fly and executed during production.

Following from the early embroidery machines, available today are:

  • Automated sewing machines that produce small embroidery from digital files.

  • Sewing machines that use cams to create automated repetitious embroidery details for sewers.

  • Automatic "Punch Embroidery Machines," invented in 1981: hand-held sewing devices that "draw" raised embroidery designs when the operator follows a pattern laid out on the fabric.

Industrial embroidery machines:

Industrial grade embroidery machines can do continuous, high-speed embroidery based on pre-loaded digital designs. Basic machines store hundreds of designs and millions of stitch patterns. Many have 8 or more embroidery heads. Chenille machines and combination chenille and embroidery machines produce multiple colored embroidery. These machines output 19" X 14" embroidered fields at the rate of thousands of stitches a minute. The fabric can be on a three-dimensional object like a cap, or flat on a sewing table. They can act as a computer printer analogue, connected to computer software via a USB port.

embroidery-shopsThe embroidery business:

With the advent of modern industrial potential, embroidery has advanced beyond its former purely delicate decorative role. Where classic embroidery focused on romantic, church inspired, florals and scrolls, contemporary embroidery has entered the modern post-industrial world of words, cartoons, trademarks on everything from flags to t-shirts to baseball caps. Many consumers look to embroidery to replace silk screen designs and direct to garment (DTG) printing.

Embroidered designs are less expensive than silk screen when the design is relatively small, the quantity is relatively small (less than 100 garments), and there are multiple colors in the design. The set-up cost for most embroidered designs is a flat one-time amount that is not dependent on the number of colors (which just translates into the number of colored threads). Screen printing requires a separate setup for each color plus a "base print." Large images favor silk screen. Large print runs of several hundred shirts or items usually also are more economical to produce by screen printing.

Embroidery is more durable than screen printing and maintains an air of elegance that makes it superior for business shirts and polo shirts. Screen printed business clothing often looks "cheap." On garments with a lot of seams, like caps, screen printing is ill-advised. Embroidery is superior in circumstances where a small pocket-sized logo and a 'premium' appearance is desired. Screen printing is better for thin fabric like lightweight t-shirts, because the embroidery may create puckering or wrinkling around the embroidered design or weigh heavily on some types of fabric.

EmbroidMe, San Diego is a promotional marketing company that specializes in embroidery, screen printing, and promotional products. Please contact us if you're interested in finding out more about embroidery and other apparel decorating methods.

Oct 06

Anyone who has ever ordered a pizza knows how important it is that a food delivery person looks presentable. Unfortunately, because delivery jobs are often held by young people with very little in the way of business-casual clothing, a well-dressed food delivery person can be hard to come by.

embroidered-polo-shirtIf you are a restaurant owner, you may be looking for ways to sort out this problem. After all, every business owner wants their business to look professional. However, requiring delivery people to provide their own work clothes when a special dress code is enforced could quickly lead to a lack of delivery staff.
For this reason, more and more restaurants are choosing to provide their delivery people with custom embroidered polo shirts. Because polos are comfortable enough to wear on a daily basis, they do not hinder an employee's ability to do their job. However, they still give your staff that professional look you have been searching for.

Additionally, the fact that the polos are customized through the use of embroidery means your customers can feel confident during their interactions with your staff. There will be no question of who the delivery person is or if they actually do work for your restaurant. This protects both your customer and your business.

If you feel that customized polos may be the answer to your delivery staff clothing woes, we encourage you to contact us right away. The friendly staff here at EmbroidMe San Diego is happy to help you find the perfect custom uniform for your staff so you can feel confident in the presentation of your business in your community.