What will you be handing out? 


The holidays may be coming, but in the business world, the annual trade show planning season looms right afterwards. Planning a successful trade show requires attention to every detail, and one of the most important of those details is choosing the right promotional products. More than a “freebie”, promotional products play a key part in generating traffic to your booth, making connections with potential customers, and helping ensure the trade show is a success. 

While probably the most enjoyable task in the project, choosing the best promotional products for your campaign is also a V-E-R-Y important process.

Here's why:

80% of trade show attendees have buying influence in the home.

50% buy something as a result of attending a show.

50% of trade show attendees are more likely to visit a booth if they are giving away attractive promotional products.

Not only do they make your booth more attractive, it is certain your competitor is using them as well. Those reasons are compelling enough to put in some concentrated effort in choosing the right custom promotional items.

Since choosing the right products isn't always easy, here are few tips to help you choose those stellar giveaways that will help your company shine.

  1. Be picky. Don’t settle for inferior products or ones that do not represent your company well.

  2. Be creative. The possibilities are endless so there is no need to settle on something common if you want something unique.

  3. Know your audience and try to choose products that would be most attractive and usable to them. The more they like it, the longer they will keep it and remember your name.

  4. Invest well. Promotional products are not just giveaways. They are an investment. When you are allocating money, remember the true value.

  5. Be diverse. Consider investing in several different types of products and show your belief and commitment to the product or service.

  6. Be relevant. Choose items that are relevant to the attendees and to your campaign them or slogan.

  7. Choose products with a long usability shelf-life.

  8. Choose products that can display your logo well. Totes, for example, are great for displaying your logo (and used to carry and obscure competitor items and logos!).

  9. Choose products that make sense to your company and brand. For example, if you pride yourself on being Eco-friendly, choose items that are made from recycled products.

  10. Ask for advice from professionals. Since the possibilities are vast, it helps to get guidance from someone in the industry.

If you want help in choosing that perfect lasting and tangible promotional product , feel free to contact us today. If you are traveling to San Diego for a show at the Convention Center, and would like to have your promotional product order delivered to your booth during the set up period, check out our San Diego trade show services page for more info.