If your medical office has made the decision to make the switch to custom scrubs, you may be wondering how to choose the right customization for your office. After all, this kind of change is a big deal—one that will affect you, your office, and your staff for quite some time.

woman-wearing-custom-embroidered-scrubFor this reason, we recommend giving some thought to how you want your office represented. Here are a few things you may want to consider:

#1: Scrub Styles

While custom scrubs are great for giving your office staff a professional and uniform look, they can sometimes be considered restrictive in terms of self-expression. Depending on your office environment, you may decide to offer your staff options when it comes to ordering their scrubs. Designate a few styles or colors they can choose from - all consistent with your branding, of course.

You might pick a certain style of scrub, and allow each staff member to choose their favorite color of scrubs. Some offices designate a certain color for each day of the week.

#2: Decoration

In some cases, deciding what to embroider to customize the scrubs for your practice is a challenge. If the practice has a logo, then it's easy to say - let's customize the scrubs by adding our logo. But what if you don't have a logo? You can either find a piece of clip art you like, or you can choose something from our catalog of stock embroidery designs. When we add the name of your office above or below the selected piece of art, things start looking very nice! If you want to have more decoration, consider adding names, other logos (are you a member of the BBB?), or a tagline or website.

custom-scrub-considerationsCommon places for embroidery are on the opposite chest across from the main logo; on both sleeves; and on the back yoke (just below the collar). 

#3: How Many?

Deciding how many scrubs to order can be a tough call. The good news is that you can order just what you need, and replenish your stock later as needed. Just consider how many staff members you have, and how many days they work each week. Each person is usually provided with a week's worth of uniforms.  

If you are still having trouble deciding exactly what your office needs, please feel free to contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego. We would be happy to get you set up with the perfect solution for your office.