successful-t-shirtWhether you are putting on a large scale fundraiser for a non-profit, producing a three day music festival, or looking for ways to get the word out about your new business, t-shirt printing can be an invaluable tool for meeting your marketing goals. A good t-shirt gets worn -and seen- again and again. So in a way, printing a good t-shirt is a little like minting ambassadors to spread the word about your event or company, just by walking around.
So what makes a good t-shirt great? Several factors combine to generate a state of t-shirt nirvana:


To some wearers, printed t-shirts are more than clothing. Some people collect them. They often serve as a reminder of a rip roaring good time. Or sometimes a t-shirt conveys bragging rights (heck, if I ever enter a marathon I'm going to wear the t-shirt *everywhere*). So what your t-shirt says, and how it is presented has a lot to do with how it is perceived. If you want a great look, allocate part of your budget for professional graphic designer who has experience with t-shirt printing. If you're doing the art design yourself and dealing with smaller quantities (let's say less than 200 shirts) be sure to check out these tips on how to save money on screen printed t-shirts. It's not too hard to design art that is cost prohibitive to produce in smaller quantities - don't make that mistake. 


Give some thought to how you want your shirt to feel - contemporary, retro, traditional, etc. Different types of printing are available and each produces a different effect. Traditional screen printing is best for bright, high-contrast colors and close color matching, but can have a heavy feel, especially if your art calls for covering large areas of the shirt in solid ink. Retro and vintage looks as well as some of the latest designs can be better rendered using discharge printing or water-based digital inks, but colors may not be as reliably reproduced, or wear in the same way expected of traditional screen printing. The type of printing usually is driven by the flavor of your artwork, and the look you're trying to create. 


The softest fabric and most comfy fit almost always makes a winner when it comes to picking favorite shirts. Lighter weight t-shirts are much more popular now than in the past. Tri-blend fabrics have the feel of softest cotton, but with just the tiniest bit of stretch for a super comfortable fit. Our advice? Always be sure to touch and feel samples of the specific t-shirt before choosing. If you want to create a shirt that will be kept and worn 'forever' the odds of achieving that go up dramatically when you choose a soft, lightweight t-shirt with a little style rather than the heavy, boxy shirts that so many (lame) giveaways are made from.

Check out the following video for more information on how to keep your designs affordable!

Wherever a t-shirt comes from or whatever it commemorates, the bottom line is that when they get worn, t-shirts turn regular people into walking billboards. People love a good t-shirt, and we'd love to help you produce your next masterpiece. Contact us today to get started.