T-shirts are excellent tools for marketing your professional entity and there are certain ways to use them to really make a lasting impression. Custom printed t-shirts help make more people aware of who you are, and may even boost sales. Need to show why custom t-shirts are a 'must have' at your next event? Here's why:

Two Words: Walking Advertisement


There is something about t-shirts people just love. They don't even necessarily care what's on them, they'll wear them, especially if it's free. Whether you choose to giveaway free t-shirts, sell them, or use a combination of both methods, no matter what, you will have people advertising your business just by walking around. Budget a little extra to get a shirt that's extra soft or a little more fashionable add some clever artwork, and your company shirt will become your target market's favorite tshirt, rather than "just one more in the drawer."

Show People Who You Are

Custom printed t-shirts are great ways to promote your business and show the public who your company is and what it stands for. Your imagination can run wild with the design and wording you choose to put on your shirt. Strive to put something on it that is not only reflective of your company, but something that people can identify with. Consult with us about the cost of reproducing your design before you locked it in - remember that screen printing costs are based on the number of locations and the number of colors to be printed.

Build an Identity

As a business, you have probably already established your brand identity. But that doesn't mean it should ever stop evolving. At a large-scale event, you will want your identity to be even more prevalent than normal. You can use custom t-shirts to staff your employees or team members and other potential customers at the event to make it known to the public that your brand is there and going strong.

Check out the video for our custom t-shirt tips and how to keep your designs affordable!

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