We live in a world full of symbols, and how we use them can set us apart from the crowd in good and bad ways. If you are a large university, non-profit or business, you have a lot of lee-way with your symbol, also known as your logo. So why should you put your logo on dress shirts?

1. It Conveys Prestige

dress-shirts-with-logoDress shirts are classy. Your alumni or supporters will wear them to job interviews and in professional situations, and this will lend an air of respectability to your program. Clearly, people who use your product or program are successful.

Dress shirt logos are just generally tasteful. They are appropriate and discreet in all circumstances, so you never worry about someone associated with you looking vulgar and drawing the wrong kind of attention.

2. It Has Staying Power

Did you know Vaseline has been around since the 1870's? Products and programs can last a long time, and you want your logo on things that will last a good long while, too. Alumni can keep their shirt for decades after they have graduated, and, since shirts are flexible when it comes to size, they can wear them for decades afterwards. So long as you keep your logo throughout the program's or product's lifetime, the logo will remain recognizable, too.

employees-wearing-logo-dress-shirtsDress shirts don't really change much in design, either. You can keep the shirts from one year to the next. Each recruit will instantly fit in to your company culture and you will always have a fall-back outfit for everyone.

3. It Is Visible

Wherever an employee or supporter goes, your logo will be at eye level for most people. No one has to twist themselves around to see where the shirt came from.

Your employee or supporter will go many places, too. People wear dress shirts to a wide variety of events, and sometimes just around town when they want to feel 'pulled together.' Dress shirts are the perfect compromise between business and casual, so your brands can go pretty much anywhere.

If your program or product could use the boost of a dress shirt logo, contact us. We have years of experience and take great pride in producing quality shirts.