Company shirts may seem like just another expense that weighs down the bottom line. Yet when you include them in branding and customer loyalty campaigns, they offer a return on investment you simply cannot ignore.

Company Shirts are "Frugal Wows"

When the Harvard Business Review blogger talks about “frugal wows,” he refers to the ways that a company builds customer loyalty on a low budget. The little something extra that differentiates a customer’s interaction with your company can make all the difference in the world. There is no need to plan a full-scale customer appreciation week or give huge discounts. Instead, give the customer something that is unexpected and useful. What could be more useful in the summer months than a Gildan 64000 t-shirt with your company logo tastefully embroidered? The shirt is made of preshrunk cotton and features an attractive contoured cut. Include this shirt with your customer’s next order or when making a service call.

Company Shirts Tie Into Online Behavior

A few years ago, the Denver Business Journal reported on Chipotle’s marketing strategy that rewarded customers not only for visiting the restaurant but also for visiting the company’s website and completing certain tasks. As a reward, customers earned points that they would then be able to exchange for free food and coupons. Imagine doing something similar for your business or blog. Yet instead of giving away products or services, you reward online visitors with t-shirts, polo shirts or button-down shirts that show off your company logo. The more the customer interacts with your company via its website and on social media, the more points can be accrued.

Company Shirts Can Support Your SEO

Seriously? Yep. Here's how. The latest developments in search engine optimization are social signals. These signals refer to the Facebook likes, Twitter tweets and Pinterest pins that your website or blog garners from online visitors. The more social signals your site gains, the higher it climbs in search engine algorithms. Getting anyone to “like” your site on Facebook is most easily accomplished with giveaways. For large campaigns, t-shirts that showcase your company name or logo are an inexpensive means of generating online interest and a buzz that translates into social signals.

It is clear that company logo shirts have the potential of spreading brand awareness while influencing customer and online visitor behavior in your favor. EmbroidMe San Diego can help you with your product needs. Contact us today to discuss your logo shirts order.