employees-with-wellness-program-custom-shirtsInvesting in custom shirts for your corporate wellness program pays off. Wellness programs can reduce medical costs and create healthier and more productive employees. These are 3 ways to use custom apparel to build interest and excitement while you shape up your workforce.

Provide motivation: While fitness is fabulous, there can be a downside to wellness programs. Some employees get discouraged if they feel like they’ve failed. Get everyone stoked by handing out special shirts when you launch your initiative. Pick an inspiring image and text. Let everyone know that being healthy is a long term project so it’s never too late to improve your lifestyle.

Fuel friendly competition: Many companies hold contests to help their employees push each other to accomplish more. If you’re splitting up into teams, you could print shirts in different colors for each group.

employees-competing-in-wellness-program-for-custom-shirtsHowever you structure your program, you can use shirts and other logo goods as prizes. Present them to the top performers or give them to everyone who reaches some preset goal. You might reward people for exercising for a minimum number of hours each week or losing a percentage of their body weight.

Promote your brand: Any company can talk about their values, but actions speak louder than words. When your employees wear their special shirts to the gym or out on the jogging trail, potential customers and job candidates get a positive impression of your organization.

While you’re at it, take pictures of your team wearing their custom shirts out on the softball field or doing calisthenics together in the parking lot in the morning. Post them on your website for a nice change from the usual photos of people sitting alone at their desks or standing around a hotel meeting room.


 Watch the video to find out more on how to design a custom shirt for your company!

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