As a business owner, your plate is probably already full with activities to find and keep clients. But what if there were some small-but-powerful adjustments you could make to what you are already doing that would make your efforts much more productive?  This week's post points out three areas where adding custom promotional products to your marketing mix can help your business grow faster.

Tradeshows and expos can be a great way to make contact with your target audience. If you have invested time and money in getting a booth at an event, be sure you have some kind of branded promotional product to give the qualified leads you make contact with. Even if you don’t have the budget to invest in an attention-grabbing giveaway, keep in mind that 39% of people who receive a promotional product will recall the advertiser’s name as long as six months after they received it (study by Schreber & Associates).  And if you do have one of more sought-after giveaways in the room, that definitely gives you an advantage over other tradeshow exhibitors when it comes to competing for buyer attention.

promotional product 

Direct mail.  If you are using direct mail advertising to target new clients, try including a promotional product in your next mailing. A PPAI study showed that including a promotional product along with a sales letter increases response rates by up to 50%.


And here's a hot tip:  for a double marketing whammy, boost your tradeshow traffic by sending direct mail to registered attendees before the event. Include a promotional product in the mailing, and give people a reason to visit your both. A study by the Dallas Marketing Group found that trade show booth traffic can be tripled by sending a promotional product with a pre-show mailing.  

Customer loyalty.  Giving out a "thank you" gift can increase positive customer sentiment about the company by as much as twenty-five percent. Plus an SMU study found that customers who received promotional products along with their order re-ordered up to 18% sooner than those who received coupons. Wouldn’t you rather get that repeat order sooner?

It’s a rare business where your product or service is so unique and necessary, that people rush to your door. Most business owners need to find ways to introduce potential clients to what you do, help them remember your company until the time they actually are ready to buy, and then keep your name in front of them longer, until it comes time to buy again. Promotional products are highly effective at keeping your company name top of mind. Contact us if you'd like some help integrating promotional products into your marketing mix.