Promotional products are excellent assets for every business and there are a variety of reasons why. Promotional products can be used to strengthen company morale, your brand image, and your marketing efforts. This post discusses four powerful things promotional products can do for you and why your business should use them.

Promotional Products Work for a Long Time

You could put an advertisement in the local newspaper or magazine, but how long do those ads stay with the viewer? A few seconds at best. On the other hand, when you give branded promotional products like t-shirts, pens and coffee mugs to your target audience, they are reminded of your business every time they use the item. Typical promotional products are used hundreds of times, and therefore have a much longer life, and much lower 'cost per impression' than traditional ads. And for the money you would spend on print or internet advertising, you can get larger quantities at a reasonable price.

Promos Help Create Goodwill

Giving promotional products to your customers for free helps creates goodwill as a thank you gift. It shows you appreciate their business and enjoy them as people. And to potential customers, it shows how much you would value them as customers.


Promo Products Work As a Sales Incentive

Promotional products can be used as an incentive to boost sales. When people receive free products from you first, they are more likely to make a purchase through you afterward. This is a cost-efficient way to see more sales occur. Ever seen an ad that said, "FREE TSHIRT when you purchase (fill in the blank here)"? That's using promotional products as a sales incentive. And it works.

They Support Your Professional Image

Quality promotional products decorated with your company’s logo supports an image of professionalism. Just like bankers wear suits and more formal clothing in order to appear prosperous and make you comfortable 'giving' your money to them, the appearance of the items you choose to carry your logo conveys a subtle message about what kind of a business you are running. If you are a low-price leader in your field, it makes sense to use economy promotional products to promote your business. But if you are premium provider, giving away a cheap branded item sends a conflicting message. Many types of promotional products are available in a range of quality. Choose the right level of quality and balance quality vs. cost to create continuity for your company's brand.

For more one the benefits of promotional products, check out the video bellow!

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