Promotional items are a great way to increase brand awareness and recognition. Here are a few tips for promoting your business with branded items.


Target the Right People

Which items you should choose depends on your business. Go for items that will be used by people interested in your niche and at a time when your product can be used. For example, if you own a coffee shop, giving out branded coffee mugs makes more sense than, say, branded corkscrews.

Choose a Catchy Slogan

Your logo appears on the promotional products so that when people use the item, they see your logo and think of you. To be even more engaging, consider adding a catchy phrase or slogan. A play on 'caffeinated and motivated' printed on those coffee mugs will make them extra appealing to coffee lovers. 

Get Something That's Evergreen

Seasonal items have their place, especially if you own a seasonal business. However, evergreen items that can be used again and again are extra useful because extras can be used right away, and throughout the year. Avoid the holiday sentiments and stick with your logo colors, and there is no need to store those leftover red and green christmas tree mugs away until the holidays roll around again. 

Have a Variety of Items

promotional-productsIt's a good idea is to have more than one promotional branded item. Mixing and matching is fun for your customers -- let them choose which one to take. This way, they choose something that they like and are more likely to keep and use. You'll also find it's easier to use swag effectively the more of it you have. You'll find ways to use it, get the hang of it, and discover that certain types of products more effective than others for your demographic. 

Need some guidance on picking out some great products to promote your business? Just ask. To get the perfect branded products for your business, contact us today!