We've reached into the old memory banks and pulled out 5 common mistakes that can turn a potentially productive promotional campaign into a waste of money and effort. Read on to become better informed and don’t let these things happen to you!

  1. Not Having the Right Size. Be mindful of sizing. You want to have enough of the sizes you need and not be left with leftover inventory in sizes you can’t use. If giving away sized items seems like too big a hassle, then consider a one-size-fits all product such as baseball caps, duffel bags, or coffee mugs.
  2. promotional-pitfalls-to-avoidBuying Too Cheap. It’s a very common mistake to look at only the bottom line in regards to promotional products. But going with a cheaper gift to stay within a tight budget may be counter-productive. If you give a gift that looks good at first but doesn’t last, or worse yet, just "feels cheap,” it leaves a poor impression of your company.
  3. Your Sense of Humor Misses the Mark. Don’t make the mistake of using an inappropriate item or saying to promote yourself.
  4. Too Much of a Good Thing. When large companies brand, they need to be careful that their custom promotional products don't over-saturate the market. Don’t hop on the “new, hot, latest-and-greatest” promotional widget if everyone else is hopping on it right now.
  5. Ordering Without Seeing a Sample. Promotional products are often sold based on a photo and a written description. But if you haven’t held a sample of that product in your hands before you order, you really have no idea what you’ll be getting. We highly recommend requesting a sample of the product you are considering ordering. It takes a little longer, but is well worth it to ensure that you will be getting exactly what you are expecting.
Check out this video on how, when used properly, promotional products can really help your business:

It’s important to have good advice when purchasing promotional products. For more great tips, visit our website. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or stop in at our showroom in Kearny Mesa. We’d love to see you!