You love to remind your clients that you’re there for them whenever they need you. How about proving it? Come to their rescue at a moment they never expected with smart, simple promotional products that will lead them to say, “just what I needed!”

Let Them See the Light


A flashlight is the perfect example of an ordinary, practical item that most people don’t think about...until the lights go out. Ask anyone who’s been caught in a power outage at home or in an unfamiliar hotel in a distant city. What do they wish they’d had tucked in a kitchen drawer or the pocket of a travel bag? A flashlight would top the list. One with your company logo on it to remind them where help came from would be even better.

Provide Backup


True story: A woman on a business trip to Las Vegas realized that she needed handouts for a meeting that afternoon. She had the files. What she needed was a USB Flash drive so she could upload them and take them to the copy center. Two seconds of panic, and then a brainstorm: in her briefcase was a promotional USB Flash drive she’d picked up at a trade show a few months earlier. Some smart supplier bailed her out big time and she wasn’t likely to forget it.

Show Your Support with Ink

Sure, everyone seems to handle everything on their smart phones these days, but there are times when only ink will do. Your clients filling out customs forms on their international flights know just what we’re talking about. Do you have a pen for them? If not, maybe you should.

promotional-tote-bagLighten Their Load

We just can’t say enough about the old, reliable tote bag. Always there when it’s needed at work or at play, at home or on the road. That's why savvy business travelers keep a tote bag folded inside their suitcases for emergencies. Something lightweight and sturdy that folds up small or flat comes in handy for all sorts of things. Naturally you’ll want it printed or embroidered with your company logo for lasting effect.

Keep Things Fresh

A hearty lunch at one o’clock. A major client meeting at two. And in between what you need more than anything is a breath mint. It might sound embarrassing, but we’ve all been there. Times like this call for a real business rescue. Promotional breath mints in a sturdy tin could avert a potentially awkward situation. And who doesn't need that?

Practical promotional products remind your clients and customers you’re always ready to help, even in ways they never expected. Contact us for more ideas. We’re always ready to help too! Shop our online promotional products catalog, or contact us for help finding options suitable for your branding colors, timeline, and budget.