Do you remember that awesome family reunion three summers ago? No, and unfortunately neither does anybody else because there wasn't something that set it apart from all the rest. Make your next event unforgettable by creating a memento in the form of custom screen printed t-shirts. T-shirts make for great group photos, help your group be easy to identify on the day of the festivities, and afterwards serve as a happy reminder of all the fun that was had every time the shirt is worn.

Here are a few other special occasions that can be enhanced with the addition of custom screenprinted t-shirts for your group:

1. Class Reunions - Everyone has their favorite t-shirts from high school and college that they can't seem to get rid of. Class reunions are a perfect opportunity to have new ones made, right along with new memories of old friends.

2. Team Games - The next time you participate in a neighborhood scavenger hunt, road rally or a rival game of Capture the Flag, make sure your team is identifiable and stands out from the rest with our custom screen printed t-shirts.

3. Volunteer Activities - Are you putting together a city wide clean-up? Do you need officials to direct runners in the upcoming 10k? Reward your volunteers with custom screen printed t-shirts for the event! Beach cleanups are a favorite activity in San Diego -- make your group visible and let the world know who you are when you are out there doing your good works.

custom screenprinted tshirt 

4. Annual Traditions - Make that annual camping and fishing trip 'official' with a custom screen printed t-shirt to commemorate each gathering, or to show off how many years you and your friends have been celebrating the tradition. We recently printed 25th anniversary t-shirts for a group that does a Baja CA camping trip every year. We used our digital garment screen printing capability to print a collage of photos from their past trips, superimposed on a map of the area. You can't buy a t-shirt like that at Wal-Mart or Costco!  

5. Bachelor/Bachelorette activities - everybody loves those "last fling before the ring" nights out. Have your 'Team Bride' or 'Team Groom' groups stand out from the crowd with custom screen printed t-shirts. Let everyone know why your group is celebrating!

Whatever the occasion, you can undoubtedly make the experience more memorable with custom t-shirts that highlight the people, the event, the places, and activities involved. Use our online design tool to create your artwork and design your own shirt. Need more ideas? Check out all of our t-shirt styles to choose from or contact us today!