Creating and distributing custom imprinted promotional products like pens, fridge magnets, mugs and t-shirts can be a great way to help retain current customers, attract new business, and encourage your employees to achieve performance goals. Here are 5 ideas on how and when to use promotional products to boost your brand and grow your business:

1) Branded Gifts to Current Customers

While many companies offer deals and promotions to new clients, the fact is that it's often more cost-effective to retain your current customers than it is to attract new ones. Do like this snowboarding company did, and thank your existing customers with a gift that's branded with your company logo to let them know that you appreciate their business.


(For more on how to stay true to your brand when purchasing promotional products, click here.)

2) Drive Traffic To Your Business

People love free "stuff" and they'll go out of their way to get it. Capitalize on the demand for freebies by offering a t-shirt or a low-cost imprinted promotional product as part of a campaign, promotion, or event (like an open house or factory tour) to encourage prospective customers to visit your business and make purchases. This also works for online ordering, like this juice promotion.

3) Referral Rewards

Consider offering complementary promotional merchandise to clients who refer others to your business - your clients will see this as a goodwill gesture on your part, encouraging them to continue promoting your company at virtually no cost to you.

4) Sales Events and Promotions

Offers that include complementary merchandise are popular with customers. You can stimulate sales with deals that include a free gift with purchase. The return-on-investment of these types of sales for your business is high, thanks to the low-cost marketing and consumer goodwill that comes along with the "free" promotional product giveaways.

5) Employee Recognition

Just as your customers appreciate being recognized for being loyal and providing you with new referrals, your employees will also respond positively to receiving merchandise that is branded with your company logo and contact information. Provide your employees with logo wear and imprinted promotional products like keychains, travel mugs, and water bottles to reward them for achievements. But avoid these common pitfalls when ordering.

Promotional products are one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business. Many items can be ordered in a wide range of quantities, making these marketing tools accessible to everyone from home-based entrepreneurs to large multi-national corporations.  Contact us to discuss what's right for you.