As you might expect, at EmbroidMe San Diego, we’re pretty enthusiastic about the benefits of wearing company branded apparel. If your business isn’t already on the corporate apparel bandwagon, here are a few reasons to consider it right away:

corporate apparel1. Branded apparel gets your logo out there. If you’re proud of the people you hire, you’re happy for them to be walking around in attractive company wear. It’s basic, cost-effective advertising.

2. It gives your employees an unconscious sense of attachment to the company and to other employees. It fosters a sense of workplace pride and unity.

3. Bosses who don the same corporate wear as that of hourly wage-earners create a sense of approachability for employees to ask questions or offer ideas. The openness of decision-makers to feedback is a hallmark of well-managed companies.

4. On site or on location, company apparel identifies your employees to the public so that anyone who needs assistance with a sale or help with a problem can see at a glance whom to ask. It is a visual sign of professionalism.

5. Corporate wear is a leveler between employees who have large, expensive wardrobes and those who don’t. If you want your people judged by their output on behalf of the company and not by their ability to dress well, put them in the same shirts and see how they do.

6. Additional garments such as custom embroidered baseball caps & jackets can be offered as rewards or to mark milestones. These items have all the benefits of the above, plus the motivation of recognition for a job well done.

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