custom-calendarsTHEY GET LOOKED AT - 76% of consumers who own calendars say they post them prominently in their homes or offices.

THEY GET USED - 50% of people have NEVER used the calendar function on their cell phone.

A YEAR'S WORTH OF BRANDING - On average, consumers report displaying their calendar for a full 12 months. Viewing the calendar 5 to 10 times per day, they can recall the advertiser's name on their calendar.

MADE IN USA - Promotional calendars are typically printed in the USA, and 53% of consumers have a more favorable opinion of the advertiser when the product they are given is American made.

MAKES A GREAT GIFT - 82% of recipients enjoy getting a calendar as a gift. 60% report they would purchase a calendar if they were not given one.

APPRECIATED - 75% of calendar recipients do business with the company they received the calendar from, and plan to continue doing business with them.

COST EFFECTIVE - The cost of advertising is spread over 365 days of use - that's less than a penny a day! 

How to Order Promotional Calendars

Calendars are a terrific promotional product to hand out around the holidays. They keep working hard long after you've handed them out - reminding people of your business every time they refer to their calendar over the next 12 months. It's easy to order.

Pick a Type and Size

Many types and configurations of calendars are available. The typical promotional calendar is a full size wall calendar that comes pre-printed with full color stock photos (a different one for each month of the year) and has a flap at the bottom where your logo, address, and phone number are imprinted. There are smaller sizes and different configurations available. For example, one of my most loyal calendar customers is a one-man lawn service that buys tiny calendars made for the visor of an automobile. He says his customers love them! Calendars can also be incorporated into other types of promotional products. For example, a calendar can be printed on magnets, rulers, mousepads, desk pads, in a journal, a planner or other type of promotional office accessory. But if you need a place to start, you can't go wrong with a classic wall calendar.

Pick Your Theme

Calendars come in many themes - the most popular feature photos of beaches, cars, beautiful views, exotic travel destinations, golf courses, food, wildlife, and yes, even ladies in swimsuits. You might pick a theme that relates to your business, or just choose something that people like to look at. Whether you favor Norman Rockwell paintings, inspirational Bible quotes, or pictures of wine country, there is a stock calendar that's just right for you.

Add Your Imprint

There is plenty of space in the tab at the bottom of the calendar to add your business name and contact info. It's most economical to print all your info in one color, but full color only costs a little extra. 

That's it! Plan to spend $350-$400 dollars for 150 full size wall calendars, and give them to the people that send you the most business. That's less than a penny a day to stay in front of 150 of your best customers -or referral partners- all year long. Feel free to contact us for more information!