giving-promotional-product-giftsWith the holidays just around the corner, most businesses think “sale” rather than “promotional campaign” and they could be missing the mark. Even if you do not have a retail business, there are still some great reasons why you should absolutely consider employing a holiday promotional products campaign to amp up visibility, name recognition, and most importantly, feelings of goodwill.

Here are seven reasons why every business should consider adding promotional products to their holiday marketing plan:

1. The right promotional item feels like it is about the recipient.

A well chosen promotional item around the holidays can make the recipient as if you were thinking them personally. Everyone knows how busy the holidays get, so a little extra thought goes a long way.

2. The holidays are the perfect time to go the extra mile and stand out.

At holiday time, most people feel tapped out with ads and sales. For the consumer, it all boils down to output. However, a well-chosen and well-timed promotional item that works as a gift stands out in a special way. It shows customers and clients that your company is thinking about them even in the middle of a hurried season.


3. Gift giving creates a warm atmosphere.

Most businesses want to be thought of as warm, friendly, and generous. When you give promotional items as gifts you use the already giving atmosphere to reinforce your company culture, both in the office and outside the doors.

4. Gifts make the holidays memorable.

Even if your promotional product is consumable, it is memorable and creates brand recognition and customer loyalty.

5. Using promotional items might give a ready consumer an idea of what to buy.

Some companies have goods or services that might not necessarily fit into the holiday buying pattern, but that does not mean they can not see an increase in sales during the season. A well-timed promotional item as gift might remind them that your service would make the perfect gift for someone on their list.

6. In a competitive economic environment, you might be the only business that thought to do it.

Let's face it. In any economic environment, the business world is highly competitive. Staying ahead means standing out. One of the great things about using a holiday promotional campaign is that most businesses are focused on something else. You might be the only business of your kind that thinks to use a branded item as a gift to customers and clients. That is something that could put you miles ahead of the competition all year long.

7. Promotional gifts can build team spirit during the rushed season.

Working through the holidays is not easy for anyone. A great way to reward employee efforts and build team spirit is through giving thoughtful branded items. Well-chosen items make the employee proud to be on the team and affirms their hard work.

Chances are the holidays will have you busy, but never forget that the effort you put in now can have lasting reward. If you have any questions or want to launch your own holiday promotional campaign, contact us