custom-embroidered-dress-shirtsYou can find a wide variety of them in every department store, yet none of them are distinctive enough to help your brand stand out. On their own, dress shirts project a professional image, but do not do anything to promote your distinctive brand. It’s a real problem, but the answer is simple—custom embroidered dress shirts. Custom embroidered dress shirts project the positive image businesses want without compromising a valuable opportunity for promotion.

If you are considering your options for branded apparel for your San Diego business, here are the top things you should consider about embroidered dress shirts.

  1. Your options are not limited. Whether you want the “San Diego Business Casual” look with a dress shirt that can be worn without a tie or a fine dress shirt that looks great with a suit, the options are vast. Businesses can choose from familiar makers like Eddie Bauer, Port Authority, and Red Cap and many more to find the colors, prints, fabrics and features that matter to them most in attire that will advance their brand.

  2. Embroidered dress shirts are cost effective marketing. There are a lot of big marketing choices when it comes where to spend your marketing budget in promoting your business, but choosing to use embroidered shirts does not have to be one of them. Dress shirts are lasting and durable and provide a lot of long-term mileage in use. Since they retain their look, the already affordable option becomes even more cost effective.

  3. Dress shirts elevate your brand. When people think of branded shirts, t-shirts usually come to mind for their style and versatility. T-shirts, however, are not right for every business or every position in a business. Many positions and companies require a dressier and more refined look but still want the advantage of brand promotion. In these cases, a dress shirt with a logo embroidered on the pocket address both of those important needs. Using dress shirts as your company apparel helps lift your brand above the fray and keep your high standards at the forefront of customers’ minds.

  4. Looking great is a big motivator. There is just no getting around the old adage that if we look good, we feel good. Equally important — when a team looks and feels professional, they are able to perform to their highest ability. Professional work attire makes the team feel that they and the position they fill is important enough to invest in and in turn, they strive to meet high standards.

  5. They require much less care than most people guess. Of course any branded shirt does little if they look wrinkled, stained or worn. Fortunately, dress shirts come in many options that wear well all day as well as stand up against the trials of washing. Many makers offer options in stain and wrinkle resistant fabrics as well as no iron options. These easy care choices make looking professional easy for the entire team.

  6. custom-dress-shirtConsider your fabric choices. When choosing your shirts, consider the fabric choices and the size of your logo. It is important to remember that the finer and the tighter the weave of the fabric and the larger and more solid your logo, the more prone the fabric is to pucker slightly. Though puckering is very slight, if you are sensitive to this you may want to choose a more casual and loosely woven fabric.

  7. Your choice in work wear matters. The effect of clothing choices has a powerful effect on your business. Like it or not, studies show that as humans we make assessments based on what people are wearing. Studies show that people wearing dressier clothes are perceived as more knowledgeable, better managers, and are able to gain cooperation more easily. People wearing more professional clothing are seen as stable and the company viewed as a trusted fixture in the community. In a professional environment, companies using professional work wear are also viewed as more deserving of a customer’s business over an equal counterpart choosing more casual wear.

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When considering your options for custom work apparel, custom embroidered dress shirts should be at the top of the list. Rather than being just a convenience, they are a marketing powerhouse with far more advantages than most people realize. In addition to being economical, they provide incredible added value in how people perceive you and your company. Custom Embroidered dress shirts communicate an underlying sense of quality that speaks to the subconscious of clients and customers, providing a feeling of trust and satisfaction. Contact us to find out more!