This week's post comes from our FAQ least once a day, I get a phone call from somebody asking, “How much does it cost to have embroidered shirts made for my company?”  It’s a simple enough question, but the answer is, “it depends.” So let’s look at the factors that go into answering that question. 

How Much Do Polo Shirts Cost?

Most folks are surprised to learn that, when it comes to having custom company shirts made, the biggest determinant of what it’s going to cost is actually your choice of shirt (not the embroidery!). Cheap polo shirts start around $10 – and are fine for one time use, but we don’t recommend them for repeated or long term wear because the collars curl, the shirts just don’t hold up that well. Good value cotton/poly blend polo shirts start around $15. You can expect that with reasonable care a “good value” polo shirt will last 35 -50 washings.  Performance polo shirts aka “golf shirts” are made of 100% polyester, moisture wicking fabric, and start at $20. Expect big name brands to start around $30. Think about how many times your shirts will be worn, and what people will be doing while they wear the shirts, and you can probably get a good idea of how much you can expect to spend on polo shirts.

What Makes One Shirt Cost More Than Another?

All solid blue shirts will look pretty much the same in the pictures you see online, but you sure can tell the difference when seeing and touching them in person.


Performance polyester fabric is more expensive than cotton. As with many things, better quality materials, and better quality construction methods cost more than cheap materials and shoddy manufacturing. But that initial investment gets you shirts that will perform better, and are a better value in the long run. That’s why we feel it’s important to touch and feel shirts before you buy – so that you know exactly what you’re getting.   

Details Matter

When it comes to polo shirts, adding details adds to the price. For example, contrast stripes on the collar or two-tone color blocked designs are distinctive, and can do a lot to make your company shirts stand out from the crowd, but they do cost a little more than solid colors. Adding pockets and long sleeves also add to the cost. All other things being equal, a lighter weight version of any fabric is typically cheaper than a heavier weight version of the same fabric. And very large sizes (2XL and up) require more fabric, and therefore are more expensive than sizes S-XL. 


 What Does Adding A Custom Embroidered Logo Cost?

When it comes right down to it, embroidery costs are based on time – how much time it takes to sew your logo, and how much time it takes to prepare. The preparation part is a super important  – and not a place you want to skimp. How well your logo sews, and how good it looks when translated to embroidery has A LOT to do with how well it is prepared. Expect to pay a setup charge the first time you have embroidered shirts made - $75 - $95 is typical for this service.  Once your logo has been set up, there will be a cost each time your logo is embroidered on a shirt. Embroidery charges depend on the size and complexity of your logo, and sometimes the quantity of shirts being stitched. Typical charges for a pocket-sized logo range around $5-8 – usually a small percentage of the cost of your overall project.

Custom Price Quotes Are The Norm

Every company and every situation is a little different, and that’s why a custom price quote is generally needed for every job. Be sure to have at least a short conversation before getting your quote to be sure your needs, wants, timeline and budget are understood and accommodated. Pricing isn’t a mysterious secret – it’s just that there are a number of details to be considered in order to give you the best possible answer to your question of, “How much are embroidered shirts going to cost?