Everybody loves a baseball cap! Especially custom embroidered baseball caps. They are great for so many things like keeping the sun out of your eyes, keeping your hair from blowing in your face, or keeping our nearly-always-shining San Diego sun from baking the top of your head. They are also good for identifying your employees, or turning your customers into walking advertisements for your business.

One of the basics of marketing is developing your own brand and letting the world know about you. Your brand needs to be the same message, repeated (and repeated and repeated!) in recognizable ways, but always with a little something to make it attention-getting. Hats or baseball caps are a great way to do this.

If you have employees who deliver your products or service clients in their homes, caps are essential for their proper identification as your staff. Custom embroidered baseball caps are an affordable way to let your customers know that you care enough about their business to make them comfortable with your employees. Paired with custom embroidered or screen printed t-shirts or cotton work shirts, caps make a uniform complete.

Custom Embroidered capsOnce you have properly attired your employees, make the caps available to your customers so they can promote your business for you. Many people have a collection of hats and baseball caps that they choose to wear frequently. So make sure that the design of your hat is distinctive and that the hat is sturdy and comfortable to wear. It may be tempting to buy the least expensive caps to give away, but it's a false bargain. If it's not good quality, comfortable, fun, and good looking, most likely that cap you gave them will end up in the bottom of the closet, doing no good at all.

If you have a company logo, that may be the emblem you wish to use on your custom embroidered baseball cap. Or perhaps a version of your logo, with a unique twist, will leave more of an impression on the viewers. Easier yet, add a tagline (a short saying) to the back or side of your custom embroidered baseball cap to engage viewers. (Remember "got milk?")  If people stop the wearer of your hat and ask a question, that's great attention for your business.

When you are ready to choose the perfect cap for your situation and the best design concept, contact us at EmbroidMe San Diego. We have many custom embroidered baseball cap styles to suit your needs. We can help you promote your business by making your baseball cap the best and most desirable hat in San Diego!