Any promotional product campaign that is designed around a date-specific event faces the kiss of death if it doesn't get done and distributed in time. Some of the best examples for this time of year are promotional holiday greeting cards, calendars, and food gifts. When holiday products get handed out AFTER the holidays, they become nearly valueless and the campaign unsuccessful.  That tower of goodies will be very well received in December, but come January and all the weight-loss resolutions that go with it, it's not going to be appreciated nearly as much. 

Plan Ahead

It should go without saying, but for a time-sensitive promotional product giveaway to be effective, you need to plan ahead. Allow plenty of time – 4 to 6 weeks at a minimum. For example, if there is a plan to distribute company calendars for the upcoming year, you need adequate time to select a style of calendar, choose the design, place the order, receive the calendars and somehow get them into the hands of the recipients absolutely no later than the last week of December. If you want to be handing things out mid December, order around the first of November.


Discounts For (Very) Early Birds

If you want the most bang for your buck, order holiday promotional gifts early. Holiday greeting cards, calendars, and even food gifts can be ordered at the last minute, but are significantly cheaper if you plan ahead and purchase early in the year. Promotional calendars and gift cards are discounted during the first half of the year, so order them before the end of June. Food gifts are extremely popular of course, but you want to feel like they are fresh. Some cookie, candy & nut orders can be placed in September at a discount, with arrangements made to bake, package and ship to arrive at holiday time. It may be too late to capture these “plan ahead” discounts for 2012, but now that you know they are available, make a note on your 2013 calendar to order early for next year. You’ll enjoy the savings. 

Don’t Wait

If you’re thinking of sending holiday cards, food gifts, calendars, or other seasonal promotional gifts to your clients this year, better get started right away. There is still time to get all kinds of promotional gifts done, but the later you order, the more limited your options will be. And of course if you wait to the very last minute, you may have to pay for express shipping to get those wonderful items here in time to distribute before the holidays. The early bird may get the worm, but he also gets done early, with less stress than his last-minute neighbors!