Have you heard the old saying, “Perception is reality?”  How about “First impressions matter.”  I’m sure you have.  Both expressions have been around a long time, because well, they’re true, aren’t they? 

Let’s face it, people make value judgments the minute they see you. What you look like matters. Which of these people would you rather work with?  Which ones do you think charge more for their services?

custom uniforms comparison

Company uniforms are all about improving your customer’s perception of your business. There’s no question that a person in uniform has a higher perceived value than a person in casual dress. The higher your perceived value, the more you can charge for your services and still close the sale. So if your employees are interacting with your customers, give serious thought to putting them in a company uniform.

A custom embroidered company uniform is one of the most effective ways of building an image for your brand. And it has the happy upside of making you look more professional, while increasing the perceived value of your products or services. You’ll close more sales, get more referrals, and enjoy more repeat business – all of which send more revenue toward your bottom line!