Looking to get your logo mojo going?  At EmbroidMe San Diego, we’re strong advocates of hiring a professional graphic designer to create the logo you’ll use to promote your business. But you’ll need to give them something to work with – a starting point for inspiration, if you will. We recommend providing input to your designer in three areas:

What’s Your Business?  
As a basic starting point, be sure your designer understands what kind of work you do. Boil it down to a short description, and use simple words. Pretend you’re explaining to your grandmother (or a fifth grader). You don’t want or need all the complexity and details of what you do captured in your logo. A simple symbol that creates instant understanding will increase your brand recognition dramatically. For example, as in the examples at right, a magnifying glass can symbolize inspection; or a roofline can suggest a house. Let your designer know if you want to include a particular object or symbol as part of your logo.

Every business has a personality, whether it’s that of the owner, or a personality that’s created (deliberately or otherwise) for the business. Give your designer a sense of the business “personality” he’s trying to capture in a logo. When interacting with clients, is your company fun and lighthearted, or sober and serious?  Is what you do analytical and detail-oriented? Creative? Nurturing? Do you serve a high-end, premium market, or are you the low-price leader? Are there any particular colors already associated with your company (consider your business cards, vehicles, website, uniforms, etc.)? Do you want to stick with any existing colors, or create a new look more consistent with the “personality” you want to portray?  Having insight into the personality of your business will help your designer choose appropriate fonts and colors to represent you.

What Else You Like
A good logo is simple, distinctive, and conveys a message. But that doesn’t really narrow things down much for a good designer. However, if you can show your designer examples of other logos that you like, that will help him understand what types of designs appeal to you. Check out these sites for ideas and inspiration:

Logo Of The Day

Logo Blog

The LogoLounge


ProTip: be sure that a version of your logo works in simple black and white. If your new logo can only be reproduced in full color, then you’re locked into more expensive printed collateral and promotional materials for life.

Once you’ve got a logo you love, come see us at EmbroidMe San Diego. We’ll help you put your custom logo on all kinds of apparel and other promotional marketing products. You’ll be well on your way to being recognized as the quality brand you are!