You don't have to go far in life to learn that corporate swag is huge, and hugely popular. Whether it is the latest in digital technology, hair products, or edgy custom screen printed t-shirts, everyone loves corporate swag—and that is exactly why it is so valuable for promoting a business.

While clearly used for promotional purposes, corporate swag transcends being merely a promotional item. So how do you generate the excitement and memorable experience that makes swag, swag? It's all in the presentation.

To give your custom screen printed t-shirts true swag appeal, give them a proper send off! Here are our top tips on using corporate apparel for better promotions.

Give it Away on Your Website

Creatively package some of your company gear and pair it with other products for a super fan giveaway. Create the excitement it deserves by making the presentation package something worth remembering, elevating your brand and ensuring that you are remembered.

Other People's Websites

Are you partnered with a non-competing business? Run a giveaway on their site and gain some visibility for both businesses. Not only will the partner business appreciate the opportunity to give away something free, they will also spend time promoting you! As an added benefit, consumers see that you are active in the community or active beyond your own business interests.

swagbag tshirtLocal Events

Whether you are shooting custom screen printed t-shirts into a crowded stadium or having a drawing at another well-attended event, giveaways within your reach of consumers are always attention grabbers.

Local Media

Want to offer your knowledge as an area expert? Send over a swag bag with your media kit to the local television and radio stations. Even if you don't get an immediate response, they keep the swag and when the need arises, your name will be right on the tip of their tongue!

Corporate Events

When the opportunity presents itself, create a stunning swag bag fit for the occasion to pass out to event attendees. Along with your company logo shirts and hats or other promotional items, add in extras that can make the event more comfortable, convenient, or compelling to show your interest in their well-being. For example, bottled water along individual powdered drink packs, solar chargers, custom chocolates, or other handy and fun items.

When you use your corporate gear as swag, you place your company in the best light and create desirability, all while giving your brand a boost. If you are ready to get your swag groove on, feel free to contact us today.