Imprinted promotional pens have been one of the most popular categories in the promotional products industry for years. Pens are they're a great place to advertise your business!

Did you know? 

  • 60% of people use a pen 5-10 times a day
  • 73% of people keep a pen with them at all times (where do you keep yours?)

Pens are available in every color, shape and size, and at price points to fit every purpose and budget. 

Plastic Promotional Pens

Prices of plastic promotional pens typically range from $0.30-$1.00 each. As you go toward the more expensive end of that range, expect a more attractive pen, and better quality. Economical plastic pens are an affordable way to keep your name in front of past customers, so that they remember you the next time they need your services.

 handing out pen 

Aluminum Promotional Pens

Aluminum pens are a bit more expensive but an excellent value. And they're my personal favorite, because when you give someone a quality pen, there's a good chance it will become their preferred writing instrument (so they'll be reminded of you often as they use "your" pen). Plus, unless you have positioned yourself as the budget leader in your field, anytime you can associate your business with something that is perceived to be of high quality, it is a good thing! At a price point of around $2, aluminum pens are a bargain when it comes to keeping your name associated with quality and in front of loyal customers. There's no mistaking the quality feel that comes with the weight and balance of a good metal pen. You might use economical plastic pens to spread your name to the masses, but presenting an aluminum pen to a valued client makes a completely different impression. It elevates you to a whole new playing field.

Brass Promotional Pens 

You can't beat a brass pen engraved with your company logo when you're looking to make an big impression. To commemorate a major milestone, add a quality gift box, and pair the pen with a letter opener or mechanical pencil to create a gift set that will be used and appreciated for years. Brass pens start at $2-$3, and go up from there. Be is possible to spend as much as $200-$300 (each!) on a single promotional pen. But then again it's possible to spend $100K on a car...but would you?  It all depends on what your priorities and goals are, what message you want to send, and what you are trying to accomplish.  There's no need to go crazy or to spend more than you need.    

Some Fun Facts....and a Groovy Movie

A few fun facts about promotional pens: 

  • 79% of people will use the promotional pens they receive from a business
  • 25% of the pens people use in their home and office are promotional pens
  • 83% of people prefer to receive a ballpoint pen over other writing instruments
  • The overall cost per impression from a promotional pen is only a fraction of a cent ($0.000436)

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