blenderThe kitchen has long been recognized as the preferred place to hang out when company's over. People usually bustle through the kitchen and dining areas before the meal, enjoying drinks and conversation, and then hang out in the kitchen long afterwards while the dishes are being done. Given that people spend so much time there, kitchens can be an ideal place to promote your business. All kinds of kitchen  products can be imprinted with your custom logo and used to promote your business.

Some traditional office products have a home in the kitchen as well. The refrigerator is probably already a billboard for the family. Why not get your name on there with a promotional magnet or clip?  Just be sure that you choose one with a strong magnet. Weak magnets are more likely to considered lower quality and thrown away. Magnetic clips have added usefulness, and are also a good choice. Nearly every home has some type of notepad and pen in the kitchen for preparing grocery lists and making notes of all the things your “honey” needs to do around the house. Sticky notes and magnetic notepads are always welcome in the kitchen. Small whiteboards that stick to magnetic surfaces come in handy as well.

StayFit SaladKitIf your business promotes a healthy lifestyle,  then a packable salad kit or insulated lunch bag might be a good option.  And if you're on a tight budget, don't forget pens, which are available in all price ranges.  Pens, of course, are the number one promotional product, and no place in the home features more pens than a kitchen. Parents and kids alike are constantly looking for pens or markers in order to write down phone numbers, recipe information, or other messages. Why not make use of that basic need and exploit it for your business purposes?

Most households still have some form of wall calendar posted at home, and usually that is in the kitchen. What better way to keep your business information in front of people for 12 months than with an imprinted calendar?

Kitchen tools present another opportunity for promotional marketing.  You may have considered chip clips, because they are very popular. But did you know that your custom imprint can also be put on measuring cups, measuring spoons, pet food lids, spatulas, pizza cutters, spaghetti measures, jar openers, scoops, and even more?   

spatulasThere is tremendous potential at your fingertips when considering what promotional products can be displayed in a kitchen, particularly when you consider how many sets of eyes are likely to see the items on display.

If your business provides a service to people’s homes, then kitchens are a great place for your promotional materials to be working hard at bringing you repeat business and referrals. The more frequently a product with your business name is seen and used, the more likely you’ll be top of mind when the homeowner needs your services or wants to give a referral.

With a little creativity and some help from your promotional advisor at EmbroidMe San Diego, you can discover the perfect products to promote your business --  and the perfect place for them may be in your client’s kitchen.