One of the many benefits to having embroidered company uniforms for your company is that they add that special touch that makes your employees stand out from the crowd. Your company benefits from a desirable branding, and your customers get the impression that your business stands out from the rest, with a higher level as professionalism that a sharp, branded appearance implies. Simply put, embroidered uniforms add respectability. And they communicate to your customers that your company is one that really has an eye on all the small details that are so important in today’s competitive marketplace. Check out our page on embroidered company uniforms for some great tips.

Embroidered uniforms of good quality boost employee morale. Employees feel better about the company they are working for when they get to wear sharp looking logo apparel that works well for their assigned duties and is easy to care for. When your employees look and feel good, they perform better, and we all know higher employee productivity is good for business. A great uniform can’t make up for bad attitude or lack of training, but it will help create a great first impression. Fixing those other employee problems…well, that’s up to you!

Embroidered company uniforms turn your employees into walking advertisements as they travel around town on personal or company business. The more customers and customers-to-be will become accustomed to seeing your logo, they more likely they are to think of you when in need of the goods and services that you provide.

While uniforms are typically listed as an “expense” on your business’ bottom line, it’s short sighted to shop for uniforms as a commodity. Instead, invest a little time to choose the right garments – ones that stand up to the type of wear they can be expected to receive. Generally, what makes sense is to find the best value, not necessarily the lowest initial cost. If the garments will only be worn once for a single event, then the lowest cost apparel & decoration may be the best deal. But if your staff will be wearing these uniforms every day for a year, does it really make sense to save a little on the initial cost, but end up with uniforms that start looking “used” after just a few wearings?  

uniform shirtThe choice of shirt is an especially critical factor in how well (or not) your uniforms stand up over time. There is a big range of quality when it comes to the shirts used for uniforms. Check out some of our other blog posts for tips on what to think about when choosing shirts for your company uniform.  

Decoration costs vary depending on quantity, colors, and logo size. Sometimes we’ll recommend screen printing to achieve the look you’re going for. But keep in mind that the high quality embroidering process we provide typically lasts longer than prints. Custom embroidery is able to withstand more laundry cycles and wear than screen printing, and that in turn, ensures that your company brand remains crisp and sharp through the life of the uniform.

Embroidered company uniforms make so much sense in today’s workplace. Are you ready to take the next step in your company’s branding, attitude, and image? Please contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your business.