Love Your LogoAs we begin the month of love, it's worth taking a moment to reflect on what makes us love the things we value most. If you are a small business owner, hopefully one of the things you really love about your business is your logo. Your logo is your calling card, so it needs to do a great job representing the products or services you are selling. This week's post gives criteria for evaluating the custom logo you are currently using to determine whether to love it or leave it.  A good logo should be:

Distinctive - Your logo should stand out in a fashion that separates you from your competitors in a unique and interesting fashion. This will allow for potential as well as current customers and clients to easily remember you when they are in need of your services. Instant recognition is the ultimate goal. I bet you know exactly what beverage is represented by the simple red, white & blue logo at right!

Practical - Your logo should be versatile and practical enough that it is easy to recreate on not only your website, but in your other marketing and communication materials as well, including letterhead, business cards, advertisements, business signs, embroidered uniforms, and various promotional products: (i.e.) t-shirts, stickers, pens, etc. If your logo is so complex that it really only looks great on your website, and everywhere else it has to be used in a modified form, then odds are, you don't have a great logo.

Simple - The easier your logo is to recognize at a quick glance, the more likely to be memorable, and the better it will be for branding. Some of the best logos are the simplest - the Nike swoosh and the Olympic rings are great examples.  The logo for Network 7, at right, is a perfect example of a simple, distinctive logo.

Appropriate - It is important for your logo to be appropriate and relevant to your specific business that it is representing, and you will also want to make sure that its design and content is not offensive to anyone, especially your target demographic.

Conveying the Intended Message - At first glance of your logo, people should have an idea of what type of business you are, or at the very least get a sense of what their experience with your business will be like. If your business deals with serious matters, a cute, silly logo won't convey the right message.

Not In Love?  Have a Professional Redesign Your Logo

Your custom logo is a key element in how you communicate about your business to the world. It should be memorable, appropriate, and you should love it.  If you aren't in love with your current logo, engage a professional graphic designer to create a new one...or rework the old one. Your logo is too important not to love.