In the competitive world of business, it's important to have a custom logo that reflects your service and products in a memorable and positive way. If you are in the process of creating (or recreating) your company's business identity, consider the three different types of logos: text-based, symbol-based, and a combination.

Text-Based Custom Logos

Text based custom logos

Qualcomm, Rubio's, and Sharp Healthcare are all great examples of San Diego companies that have text-based logos. Simply put, these logos are created entirely from text. Text based logos are quite popular as they are easy to create, and can be highly effective. Well-chosen lettered text is not only aesthetically pleasing, but used consistently, the simplicity is memorable. A text-based logo is a great place for a small business owner to start, and as you can see, some very big San Diego brands use text-based logos quite effectively. Text-based logos can easily be printed on business cards, promotional products and marketing collateral, and they almost always lend themselves to being embroidered on company uniforms or t-shirts.

Symbol-Based Custom Logos

Symbol-based logos consist of a specific graphic that represents the business. For example, Shell Oil's logo has evolved to become simply a shell; Apple's logo, while it has changed over time, remains the shape of an apple; and of course Nike's simple swoosh gets instant recognition worldwide. However, a word of caution: if you are just starting out, a symbol without text may not be the best place to begin. Most brands that have the instant iconic recognition all business owners yearn for, didn't start out that way.  If you don't have a world class marketing budget to promote and build public recognition of your brand, consider starting with a combination logo.

Combination Logos

A combination logo combines both text and a symbol to represent business identity, and is a great option for just about any type of company.


As illustrated by the logos of these well-known San Diego brands, the text may be above, below, or integrated into the symbol. Notice how the text aids recognition of the brand's symbol.  The combination of text and graphic icon makes this type of custom logo memorable, which is definitely a plus for building brand recognition. Well-designed combination logos will be suitable for printing on business cards, promotional products and marketing materials, and can be used with custom embroidery or screen printing to brand t-shirts, baseball caps, and other logo apparel. Occasionally combination logos are too elaborate to reproduce for some applications (remember the KISS rule - don't try to cram too much into a simple logo). In this situation, your promotional marketing adviser will provide guidance on using the key elements of your business identity and remaining true to your brand. 

Using a custom logo to promote your business is a great way to help your customers better recognize and remember you. By taking the time to weigh your options as far as the three types of logo style, you will be better able to give guidance to your graphic designer, and make an informed choice on the specific logo type that best suits your particular business needs.