Company apparel is sometimes seen as just another cost of having employees. But savvy business owners know that employees’ shirts are a great marketing vehicle. Custom embroidered company uniforms are walking billboards, and when done right, serve to increase the perceived value of your brand. Our last post discussed four very specific factors to consider in order to choose the perfect shirt from the huge variety of available options. Now let’s examine some additional “big picture” factors to think about when choosing company uniforms. 

Demands of the company workplace

Think about what conditions your uniforms have to stand up to, how often they will be worn (how long they have to last), and how they will be laundered. Do your shirts need to repel spills, or have moisture wicking properties? Do they need to stand up to an industrial laundry service? If employees will be responsible for washing them, consider wrinkle resistant fabrics since not everybody loves to iron. 

Expected life of the uniform

An appropriate upfront investment in a higher quality garment will save money in the long run *if* the apparel will be worn repeatedly over a period of time. Similarly, it might make sense for a company with high turnover or a seasonal employer to get a more economical shirt with a shorter expected life. In short, consider the “expected life” of your uniform. Don’t overspend on shirts for one-time or short term use. Uniforms that will be worn for a one-time event don’t need to be nearly as durable as apparel that will be worn every day for a year. Invest in quality for shirts that will be worn daily. This will avoid you having to reorder frequently or risk having employees looking shabby.

Where your uniforms will be seen

Do you need your people to stand out in a crowded room? Choose brighter colors, and avoid the common colors of navy, black, tan and white, that tend to blend into the crowd. If you work formal events, a more subtle, appearance is appropriate – that’s not time or place to “shout” your company information out with huge neon lettering all over the front and back of your uniform shirts. If you serve a more youthful demographic, be sure your uniforms have youthful styling. Think about what assumptions people will make about your company when they see your people in uniform.  Perception is powerful – put it to work for you!    

Industrial workshirts, dressy button down shirts, casual island shirts, and traditional polo shirts or t-shirts can all be used to create great custom company uniforms – but it’s important to choose a look that’s consistent with your branding and appropriate for the types of work your employees do. EmbroidMe San Diego’s Balboa Avenue showroom contains hundreds of garments that you can touch and feel, and we’ll be happy to work with you to find the look that works just right for your business.

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