Outfits that advertise your company's brand name and logo are an effective way to brand your business, improve your image, and increase your visibility in the market. In addition to putting your workforce in uniform, hand out t-shirts for leisure wear. Give branded apparel as gifts to clients. Every business can give away logo baseball caps, t-shirts, and other company apparel as incentives or as a thank you to customers. And if your brand's got buzz, you can sell logo apparel on your website or at events.

There are many advantages to having branded apparel for your company, including:

1. Marketing synergy. Branded apparel is functional when used for uniforming, yet also works as a valuable marketing tool. Employees wearing branded apparel can be a vital source of leads for your business – and even more so if they are driving a company branded vehicle. Be sure your uniforms, vehicle signage, business cards, website, and other marketing collateral all have consistent colors, fonts, and logos, and you’ll be amazed at the branding synergy that results!


2. Communicating your brand’s personality.  Carefully chosen company uniforms allow the character and style of your business to be noticed on a large platform. Is your brand playful and fun, or solemn and serious? Whatever’s right for you, choose styles and colors to create a uniform that is practical to wear, and also supports the impression you want to leave with your clients.

3. Identifying employees and making them feel part of a team: Company shirts help foster team spirit. Your employees get a sense of feeling included in the team. And it’s easier for your customers to recognize your people when they are in uniform.

4. Boosting employee morale and recognizing accomplishments. Company apparel can be color coded or custom embellished to recognize team leaders, awards and accomplishments. Assign crew leaders a different color shirt or cap then the rest of the group, and you reinforce their accomplishment. It can be as simple as imprinting "Team Leader" on a shirt, as FedEx does. Or go all out and assign special shirt or jacket colors to people who hold certain positions in your company (manager, crew chief, etc.) Embellish the sleeves of shirts and jackets with titles, certifications, awards & other recognition. A string of accomplishments written (i.e. embroidered) all down the sleeve catches the eye – and creates bragging rights!