Promotions bring new accountsIf you’ve been toying with the idea of getting promotional products for your business, but don’t really know what you’d do with them, today’s post is for you!  Here are 4 different ways promotional products can be used to grow a business. Which one of these do you need to do?

Generate New Accounts

Use promotional products as incentives to get new customers to come in to your place of business, take a test drive, or try out your new service.  Offering a free gift with [fill in the blank here with whatever you want them to do] is a proven way of improving the response to just about any type of campaign. And here’s great news: tucking a promo product in with an introductory sales letter can increase the response rate by as much as 50%!

Promote Safety & Wellness

Keeping costs down helps your business grow. Promote safe working habits and spread awareness about how to stay healthy to keep your workforce working. Promotional products can be used in campaigns to teach safer practices, as incentives for attending classes, as rewards for decreasing lost time, or to recognize suggestion box ideas that lead to measurable cost savings.

Motivate Employees & Incentivize Sales Programs

Recognizing and appreciating the employees who are helping your business reach its goals is key to growth. Promotional products can be awarded to recognize accomplishments such as highest sales, greatest increase in sales, perfect attendance, years of service, fundraising, and community service activities.

Honor Business Relationships With Thank You Gifts

Thanking your customers with a logo branded gift serves a dual purpose of letting them know that you appreciate their business, and also keeps you top of mind. Also, while you may be offering deals and promotions to attract new clients, don’t forget that it's typically more cost-effective to retain your current customers than to gain new ones. Giving "thanks for your business" promo product gifts to your customers can help increase repeat orders by as much as 50%. And customers who receive promo gifts are also more likely to refer friends & colleagues to your company.

Consider giving “thank you” gifts to your vendors & strategic partners as well. Cementing these relationships and keeping them warm will help your business grow. Promotional products are available at all price points from economy to super luxury, so gifts can be tailored to your budget and image.