employee-retentionHaving employees stay with a company long term, is often a major goal for businesses of all sizes. After all, the hiring process is a hassle and it disrupts the productivity of a company to constantly recruit and train new people. There are many ways to improve employee retention, but some of the simplest are actually quite effective. One of the biggest ROI's? Simply let people know you appreciate their efforts. Recognize them for their length of service with the company, and for their contributions to the business. Give them a memento of your appreciation on various occasions, and this will help reinforce your appreciation. Promotional products - whether awards, incentives, or even toys - are quite effective when used for this purpose. Here are a few ideas.

Welcome to the Team

It can be fun and helpful to provide new employees with a company tote bag filled with company shirts and branded office supplies. This makes a great on-boarding gift. Does your company promote health and wellness? Include a waterbottle to support good hydration at work (or play), and a pedometer to encourage getting extra steps in during the day. And of course standard office supplies such as a padfolio, folders, and pens with the company logo are always welcome.


Everyone reaches a certain point in their career when they want to look back and take stock of what they have achieved. You can provide visual reminders of those achievements with awards and recognition. Lapel pins, certificates, plaques, frames, awards, crystal, and of course watches are traditional types of gifts to mark milestones associated with 1, 5, 10, or more years with the company. Incentive gift catalogs are also available to make gift giving easy, and help ensure that the recipient receives a gift they really like. Catalog programs are easy to operate. Just prepare a list of employees reaching significant service milestones each year, and your promotional product provider (ahem) will do the rest. Catalogs are available at $50, $75, $100, etc. (up to $1000) gift level, and all the recipient has to do is browse the variety of gifts to choose what they want to receive, and it will be shipped right to their door, courtesy of your company!

Don't forget to also celebrate births, birthdays, and retirements. Baby onesies with the company logo on them are a lot of fun, as are group tshirts at the retirement party!

Unusual Achievements

employee-thank-you-giftWhen a worker achieves something out of the ordinary, acknowledge it with more than a simple thanks. Something more concrete is required when the achievement is notable. If someone clearly did more than what was required in unusual circumstances, you can let that person know you value that contribution with a logo product or an unbranded incentive chosen from from a gift catalog. That warm feeling of recognition will pay dividends, and send the message that you want to encourage a good employee to stay on.

If you can think of some employees who might appreciate heartfelt recognition, contact us. EmbroidMe San Diego has plenty to fit your needs.