Studies have shown that corporate picnics tend to be a big hit with employees. They offer staff members a chance to enjoy quality time together and we can’t think of a better month to host one than July. It’s the one time each year when a number of picnic related, national observances are set to take place (e.g. National Grilling Month). So today, we wanted to highlight the best promotional products for company picnics:

custom-apron-as-promotional-product1) Customized Aprons

Can you guess what’s first on our list? It’s aprons. Not only do they go hand-in-hand with a picnic theme, they are perfect for team building. For instance, you could host a company-wide grilling competition to see which department makes the best hot dogs or burgers. Participating teams could be given custom Port Authority® Full Length Aprons (Item No. A520) in various colors (e.g. green for accounting) or you could stick with just one color.



2) Event Cinch packs

Event cinch packs are sitting pretty in second position on our best promotional products for picnics list. Although we keep many bags in stock, the Port Authority® Fast Break Cinch Pack (Item No. BG613) is exceptionally nice. Made from denier polyester, they feature a roomy interior along with mesh side and a zippered front pocket.


3) Insulated Beverage Holders

Rolling in at number three are insulated beverage holders. There are customizable ones available that are compatible with standard size bottles and cans. Plus, you’ll find novelty ones too, like the Ultra Club Jersey Foam Bottle Holder (Item No. ASI/40788 - FT008). It is perfect for picnics where team sports are expected to be an integral part of the day.


custom-towels-as-promotional-product4) Customized Towels

Customized towels earned the fourth spot on our best promotional products for company picnics list. They make excellent gifts, especially if the employees will be spending time swimming or sitting on the grass watching fireworks. Our towels come in assorted sizes, colors and fabrics that are sure to please.

custom-shirt-as-promotional-product5) Custom T-Shirts

Finally, we can’t skip over custom t-shirts. They’ve been a staple giveaway item at corporate picnics for years and we can’t see that changing anytime soon. Design one specifically for the picnic or use your corporate logo to give it a longer shelf life. The choice is yours.

To learn more and find the right promotional products for your corporate picnic, please contact EmbroidMe San Diego today.