employees-bored-of-internal-campaignsInternal campaigns can sometimes seem like impossible enterprises. Someone at the top says, “Use your marketing experience to get the staff on board with this year’s charity cause” and you smile while internally groaning. Why? Because you know that last year’s charity was the laughingstock of half the staff, while the other half did all they could to be on vacation the week everyone was supposed to volunteer.

But think about it this way. Perhaps the somewhat jaded nature of your employees is exactly the tool you need to engage them. If you need to get staff “on board,” why not make them the sounding board? If they need to get engaged, why not use them as your focus group?

volunteers-experiencing-a-boost-in-internal-campaignsHere’s an example of what we’re talking about. Say that you’re well aware that this year’s “save the seagulls” campaign was not a hit, and staff are dreading the announcement of your president’s pick for 2015. See if you can suggest that the president give the staff his or her top three choices and let them vote. You, meanwhile, give EmbroidMe San Diego a call and together we'll figure out how your company, and these choices can become a set of awesome logos to choose from; for everything from t-shirts and shorts to beach blankets and baseball caps. We’ll provide some samples, you get out the vote, and a little friendly competition will transform these choices from “the president’s idea” into “my” charity of choice. Once the winning charity and apparel option are chosen, we’ll print or embroider enough for the entire company, so that everyone really does look like a team when they go out to save the dolphins, otters, or chocolate clams.

Here's a video on EmbroidMe San Diego's quality products which can help boost your internal campaigns today!

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