custom-water-bottlesFundraising is the ideal way to capture the hearts and minds of supporters, both new and old. Although many tools go into building a successful fundraising campaign, often the most effective ones are also the simplest to create. Personalized promotional gifts such as a fundraiser water bottle can greatly boost your team's morale and camaraderie.

Eye-Catching Color Scheme

From "Breast Cancer Awareness" to "The Red Cross," nearly every life-changing campaign has a unique and memorable aesthetic. Regardless of what your fundraiser is promoting, look for a specific design or color palette to help visually drive your message. Designing a custom water bottle with this special color scheme or logo is an easy way to place your message and purpose in the hands of your supporters. Whenever they look at the bottle's signature color and design, your fundraising message will instantly come to their mind.

Signature Message

In addition to a trademark color palette, create a simple slogan or catchy message to summarize your fundraising project or special cause. Try to keep your message short and concise with powerful, concrete words. Acronyms and memorable quotes are also effective slogan material. Use this simple message throughout your entire fundraising campaign. Signs, t-shirts, and other personalized memorabilia are all great ways to keep your message at the forefront of your supporters' minds.

A Picture Tells a Thousands Words

Even if your fundraiser doesn't have a specific color scheme or slogan, pictures are still a powerful way to share your message and spread awareness. Pictures and logos have the potential to evoke a huge amount of emotion and excitement. Take plenty of pictures before, during, and after your fundraiser to capture the memories and emotion of your cause. A unique, eye-catching logo is also a great way to visually impact your supporters.

Anytime is the perfect time to launch a new fundraiser. Whatever cause you're working to support, be sure you have all the creative tools and plans needed to drive your message home. For more information on designing costume water bottles or other promotional merchandise, please contact us today.