Scrubs are one of the most practical types of clothing ever invented. They fit just about everyone, they are durable and they're comfortable. And there's no reason that scrubs have to be boring. In fact, custom scrubs can be used to show off the style of your organization as well as to help with branding.

custom-scrubs-for-brandingModern Style

These days, scrubs come in many styles, colors and patterns, with coordinating tops, bottoms, jackets and footwear in both ladies and mens sizes. Embellish the design of your choice with your practice's or health system's logo, and add personalization with the names and positions of employees. Good looking, color-coordinated scrubs that sport your company's branding not only look professional to your patients, but actually help people get a better impression and even remember the name of your practice just a little bit better. This of course helps build the positive reputation and referrals every growing business needs.

Create Company Unity

When your employees dress in coordinated scrubs, their similar outfits reinforce a sense of team cohesion. When the scrubs are a custom design with your company logo and other style elements, it creates an even stronger sense of community among those who wear them. Just think of the new hire, and how much it will help them to feel 'they're in,' when you give them their own set of scrubs, and say, "Welcome to the team."

Dressed to Impress

Patients gain a measure of extra reassurance when they see a well-run office, with staff dressed in coordinating scrubs. It reinforces the message that they've placed themselves in the hand of a cohesive team. Your employees will take an extra bit of pride in their workplace, and it makes getting ready for work a little bit easier as well -- no more picking the perfect outfit. We know some practices that have designated a certain color of scrub to be worn each day of the week, and others that just provide one color and style to be worn at all times. Either way, the coordinated look adds professionalism, helps your staff feel more a part of the team, and lets the public know right away who is an employee.

If you'd like help choosing custom scrubs and embellishing with your logo and personalization, just contact us -- we're happy to help.